Vcore issues after adding new hardware

By gingivitis
Feb 28, 2010
  1. Hey everyone Im at a loss here and I am about to throw my PC off my balcony. I have an asus P5N32-E SLI motherboard, and I was upgrading my Nvidia 9600 GT To an ATI HD5850. I also installed a Corsair H50 liquid cooling system for My E6700 Core 2 Duo processor. Needless to say everything was working before the hardware upgrade. After installing the video card and H50, My system posts and gives me a hardware monitor abnormal error message. When i enter my Bios I was getting errors with my voltage, my 12V was showing 9.5, and my Vcore was to high and was at 1.98. I installed a new power supply 850 watt modular zalman PSU to replace my 750 watt corsair to see if that would fix my problem. Now my 12V is fine but I am still getting 1.98 for my Vcore settings. My processor has NOT been overclocked everything is stock settings in the bios and my CPU will just over heat itself even sitting in the bios.

    I replaced the liquid cooler back to my stock heatsink and installed my old video card. I am still getting the same vcore rating, I have reseated the processor, reset my cmos and even updated my bios. This is really driving me crazy. I have a feeling my processor or my motherboard or both have become defective during this hardware upgrade and I have no idea why that could have happened. With the liquid cooling my CPU was staying cool but the Vcore was just way too high and was really screwing with the system. Would not load windows, wouldn't even let me reinstall windows 7 64 bit. Any suggestions would be great but it looks like IM going to need to pick up a new board new processor and new memory for an i7 setup :(. I planned on getting those parts anyways just it wont be for a month or two and would like to have my PC working until then.

    I forgot to include that I have even tried manually setting the Vcore to 1.5 and it will still post and show that its 1.98. Please HELP !!
  2. mak50

    mak50 TS Rookie

    you check with SpeedFan and send the temperature.
    ATI HD5850 is better, you resetting the graphics card.
  3. gingivitis

    gingivitis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    system board had blown capacitor's and wouldn't regulate my voltage correctly in the end.
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