Verizon 4G LTE network to cover 2/3 of Americans starting April 19

Shawn Knight

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Verizon has announced that they will be bringing their 4G LTE network to 27 new markets and expanding service in 44 additional markets on April 19. Once the telecom flips...

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Too bad Verizon is way too expensive for me to even care. And honestly, I'm done with CDMA phones. Giving your phone to a family member, for example, and having them plug in their Sim Card to get the phone working right away is a beautiful thing. I have a Optimus U from US Cellular just sitting in my room collecting dust for that reason.


yeah boy! verizon doin work!
so happy i got grandfathered into my unlimited data plan


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Verizon has terrible customer service, ridiculous charges of all kinds, awful monthly rates and a narrow selection of phones.

But I have Verizon. Why? Thier signal is unmatched, and thats what I need.
I pay $50 a month for my Samsung Alias basic phone with a Qwerty and want to switch to a smartphone, but I am not paying over $65 a month for a smartphone contract, I don't care how many GB's they say I can use.

I love how they fool all the suckers with thier 'Free Droid with a 2 year contract' hogwash.
I'd pay $500 upfront for the Driod if I could get a monthly plan for under $65.


So long as I'm given a choice, I don't give my money to foreign companies (and these days, the choice seems to be getting less and less). Expecially not ones with an ultimate goal of buying up as much competition as possible so they can continue to raise prices. Sorry vodafone, not buying your wireless or fios.


Grandfathered into Verizon's unlimited plan is just that...unlimited.


I think tthat Verizon should be shut down due to the outrages prices they charge people Due to recent illness and loss of income I had to cancel service and Verizon charged me over $700 in cancellation fees then charged interest on top of this I would not recommend Verizon service to any one Especially after I tried to get back my service and they wanted $450 upfront before they would even talk this is theft