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Verizon DSL

By djleyo · 88 replies
Jan 30, 2006
  1. if somebody needs help with verizon dsl i could help send your questions and i will awnser when i can!!!!
  2. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie

    I used my Verizon DSL for 2 weeks without any problems. Then one day nothing: no internet, no conectivity. Verizon said everything was working on thier end. My computer (and Windows XP) says the problem is some where between it and Verizon. I've reset the modem (Westell 6100), reinstalled the software and still no internet.
    The internet light does not work on the modem but all of the others work fine.

    I've even tried hooking my laptop to the modem and all I get is: page unavailable.
    I think the modem went out. Is this possible? Any suggestions?
  3. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    try this

    first reset the modem on the back of it there is a red button that you need a pen or pencil to press on it , hold it in for 10 sec then release it ****wait until the dsl light goes back to solid**** then open internet explorer ****remove every thing in the address bar ***then type in only this***you will get a little box asking for a username and password ***username : admin ***password : password ****then you will get enter admin name admin password and confirm password ***type in all 3 admin ****then click on change *****

    then you will get another westell page with profile editor button ****you will be asked for user and password ***type admin on the 2 boxes ****you will get the same westell window ***but this time you will have a new connection button click on the button and you will get a windows were you can type in ***
    connection name : verizon dsl
    used id : (your email username with verizon )
    password : (the password you use to check your verizon email)
    service profile :default
    always on should be selected
    and save password should be checked

    then click on new(almost done )
    you will be sent back to the connection overview (westell page)
    you will see connection name :verizon dsl
    ppp status: up (if you see up you shoul be up and running)

    hope this helps :grinthumb
  4. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie

    Still Nothing

    I tried everything, the status is still the same: no connectivety.
    What next?
  5. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    ok then

    try this first !!!!
    if no dsl connectivity is what you see in dsl connect rate in the westell page that means that your modem is not picking up the dsl signal check all dsl filters and change the cable that connect your modem to your walljack ohhh and make sure its connected directly to the walljack if you dont see the dsl light solid its not in sync but if you see the solid dsl light and you see no dsl connectivity your modem is defective

    if all fails
    call tech support in the number i gave you 8662684630 tell them this so they can change your modem if the modem still has warranty you will get it for free if not you will pay a small amount

    tell them that your modem doesnt turn on
    *you allready tried to change it from powerjack
    * switched it on and off using the switch on the back of it
    *reset it but it doesnt tur on just tell then that to every troubleshooting step they trow at you just tell them that it doesnt turn on
    but try to sound like youyr doing the steps otherwise they wont believe you and they could hang up :)
    im pretty sure you will get a new modem it takes 3 days tops to get to your home
    good luck
  6. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie

    No connectivety

    I've tried everything and rechecked all connections and still no internet. I've called tech support several times and they still insist that it is my computer, so no new modem. I called tech support from work today (I didn't have access my home computer) and was told that it was possible that it could be something wrong with Windows XP. The tech was sure that he could help, the problem is when I call from home I get the technicians who don't know. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42


    reset the modem ****got to networkconnections in control panel***make sure the Local area connection is enabled or make sure it doesnt have any simbols like a red X or a yellow ! ****remove all broadband connections that you have there****then to the left side of the ntwork connections window you should have a button that says crete a new connection ****click on that one****you will get the connection wizzard ***clcik on next ***you will get 4 options pick the first one ****then click next****then on the next screen pick the seccond one setup connection manually****click next****next screen olso displays 3 options pick the 2 again ***click next yu will get isp name ***type in on isp name verizon dsl ****click next ***you will get enter username and password ***type your username and password***to connect username should be your email username without the @verizon.net part ****you wil have 3 boxes or 2 boxes that you could check only check the 2 first ones dont turn on the firewall for this one ****click next ***place a check mark in create a shorcut on my desktop ****and clck finish *** you will get a connect to verizon dsl window just click on connect ***make sure you have all of your firewalls off***OPEN INTERNET EXPLORER and check if you are conected

    try again from your home to call techsupport tell them that your modem doesnt turn on that there was a power faliure and your phone and modem went out and dont tur on *** that way you will get a new modem or tell them that you want to cancell the svc if you say this you will be transfered to the cx resolution team(cx retention) they could send you a new modem as long as you dont cancell rememer the direct number is 18667684630 otion 1+1+1+1 for dsl tech support open 24hrs l option 4+1+1 to cancell your dsl open from 8am to 6pm EST

    GOOD LUCK :grinthumb
  8. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    one last chance sohtk

    if all else fails give me you dsl billing number i will get you a new modem
  9. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    for blitzace

    type in the add. bar in internet explorer***username: admin / password: password ****check the dsl connect rate
    first check if you dont have any p2p software installed and running ***clear all cokies and files from Internet Explorer ***check for spyware and adware **check for aditional computers connected wireless ***after you do this run a speed test in
  10. blitzace

    blitzace TS Rookie

    speed issues


    I have had verizon dsl for about 4 moths or so. Everything was working fine. Buta couple of days ago it started working way slower. I have the Westel 327W modem and my usual speed is 100 MBPS. But now the received is higher than the sent and it works way slower. How do I fiix this? Any help would be appreciated.

  11. dub22

    dub22 TS Rookie

    Verizon software

    My office might switch from another service to Verizon dsl but I've heard some folks have trouble with the software, like they're unable to connect without installing the software. I should think it possible to get connected without software. What's the real story? We've got a small office LAN, using a router, with the desktops all running XP.
  12. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    to dub22

    sure you can
    the verizon dsl software is only designed to help new cx's connect the 'easy way"
    you can use windows xp pppoe dialer to get connected or the internal software in your modem or router you will recieve from verizon
  13. Carrera996

    Carrera996 TS Rookie

    DSL Installation Stalled

    I signed up to Verizon DSL, got the line ready notice, hooked up the modem received (Westel 327W) and proceeded with my installation. About half way through, the installation couldn't detect the DSL line and got stuck. Called tech support. After going thru many diagnostics, with DSL light on the modem still blinking, the tech support decided to send someone out to my house. A ticket was assigned, and I waited for a call from a field tech. No call. Checked back with online tech support. Ticket was closed when the field tech couldn't reach me on the DSL line. I had told the online support not to call that number since I don't have a phone hooked up to it and gave 2 other numbers instead. Still, the field tech either didn't get the message or ignored and couldn't contact me so the ticket was closed. I call online support to get another ticket issued, on Wednesday. The next day, I learned that ticket was closed, without anyone contacting me. Checked what happened, and the answer was the ticket was closed due to a holiday or weekend request. Since when did Wednesday (2/22/06) and Thursday (2/23/06) become holiday or weekend? Got furious and got another ticket issued. Checked online status and that ticket seems to be closed. All this time I haven't received a single call from Verizon. The DSL modem is still blinking for the DSL line. It's been over a week and I'm getting really frustrated with absolutely no attention. What do I have to do to get the service started? If I can't get the damn line working, I'm not going to pay for the service I'm not getting. Why do the tickets get closed without anyone ever contacting me?
  14. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    TIP: writting letters is better than phone calls which can be 'denied'. Tell this story in writting and refuse payment on your credit card until resolved :) $$$ talks loudly :)
  15. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie

    Verizon Problems

    It is hard to get Verizon to believe that there epuipment is at fault. I've spent many phone calls trying to convince them that I have a defective modem. (everything else checks out). I've followed the same step by step instructions from tech support so many times that I have them memorized. So now I'm turning to E-Bay in hopes of getting a modem that will work. Does anybody have any advice on what modems to get or not to get. And what is a decent price to pay for something that Verizon should swap out anyway?
  16. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    sohtk ok

    since you did not take my advice i work for verizon tech support and i told you that i could get you a new modem but you wish to get it somewere else :dead:
    the ones i recomend is to get westell but dont count on verizon tech support giving you support for that modem if it has some dif configuration or internel software
  17. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie


    Sorry, apparently there has been a mix-up somewhere. Have you recieved any mail from me under "private messages"? I have sent a total of three. I have tried to take your advive. :blackeye:
  18. Carrera996

    Carrera996 TS Rookie

    Do you think it is better to write and send my complaint in as a snail mail (US mail) or should I write an e-mail to Verizon customer support?

    Thanks for your attention. Wish the phone support is even half as responsive.
  19. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie

    DSL-Bad Luck

    I have a new line to the modem, new cable from the modem, and a new modem and I still don't have internet. I don't have a router connected. My connection won't ping or release/reset. All green lights are on my Westell 6100. The verizon line check says my DSL line is working. I checked under repair status and a synch issue took place place last week, this leads me to believe that there is some kind of communication between my modem and Verizon.
    I can't even connect with my laptop, which I know works at other DSL connections because I'm using it now at a friends house.
    What would cause me to lose DSL over night without warning? What else can be done? I hate the thought of going back to dial-up since I've had a taste of DSL. :(
  20. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    it just happened to me this morning with my cable modem and yesterday with my laptop. You can have power bumps that confuse your router and cable modem. Unplug both for a a few seconds after turning your computer off. then replug the modem and router back in and boot your computer.

    Usually that works. (I had a storm last night.) my computer and most of my stuff is on an UPS, but my router and cable modem are not.
  21. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie

    Already tried

    I've already tried to unplug, reboot and it seems like everything else. There has to be one thing that I'm over looking, I just don't know what. :confused:
  22. dub22

    dub22 TS Rookie

    We've already got router hardware from a previous setup. I'm guessing that our router can be used if it is set up to acquire a dynamic IP address.
  23. sohtk

    sohtk TS Rookie

    Still No Connectivety

    Well, I just replaced the NIC in my desk top and still no DSL. Is there a next step or should I just abandon DSL?
  24. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    with all you've tried, I would start leaning that way. Just to verify before that,
    take your system to a friend's house and hook-up in his/her LAN and verify
    your system really does connect to a network.
  25. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42


    im sorry i had a lot of work and school and could not reply sohtk

    if your computer worked with onother verizon connection (at a friends home)you did not need to replace your NIC
    i want to help you so im willing to call you to help you out i work mon -fri from 2pm -8pm pacific time 5pm-11pm eastern time just send me the time and date you want me to call and ill connect you once i have my work tools that way i can determine what could be the issue i was keeping track of your account and ran a couple of test on your line and i show great numbers so i think we just need to configure your modem
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