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Jan 30, 2006
  1. frustratedNana

    frustratedNana TS Rookie


    Can you please help?

    About 4 months ago, I got Verizon DSL. They quickly sent me a modem ((Westell 6100)). About a month ago, I went out and when I came back the internet wasn't working and the DSL light was blinking and the Internet light was off. I quickly called Verizon and the person just said that there was a problem in my area and that the internet would be back soon. So it did come back the other day but when I came back from School it wasn't. I though it would just come back so I left it like that for a about a week and then I called again. They said they would send someone down here. The person came ((the first time)) and they knocked on the wrong door. The second time, they did some outside work but it didn't work!!

    I was following the thread from before and I managed to get the modem working again but I just can't! The DSL light is blinking and the INTERNET light is off.

    Can anyone help? I would really appreaciate it.:D
  2. franklampard8

    franklampard8 TS Rookie

    anytime the dsl light blinks, you don't have to worry about the internet light. a blinking dsl light indicates no signal to the dsl modem. try the modem in a diff jack or try another phone cord for the modem (less than 14ft long), if it still blinks than a tech needs to go and check your lines, you'll have to a call vol tech support.
  3. boss35hard1

    boss35hard1 TS Rookie

    no connection

    I lost the connection and the address to. Cannot open westell to see if is workingf right . paul
  4. frustratedNana

    frustratedNana TS Rookie

    Um... the westell IP address is

    Just open up internet explorer, clear the bar, and type that in. Then, it's going to ask for a user name and password. It probably should be
    Username: Admin
    Password: Password

    then it's probably going to say to change it and just fill in the three boxes with admin. Viola! There should be the Westell page! Hope it helped! :)
  5. frustratedNana

    frustratedNana TS Rookie

    I posted a while back about my internet connection and it was indeed the modem box on my wall. But that's now fix. I still need help.

    Every time my internet is going slow, I reboot my modem. But then, when I go to Internet Explorer, this pops up:
    I continue doing this over, and over, and over! And it's getting on my nerves!! If someone tell me why this continues coming up I'd really appreciate it.
  6. mjd

    mjd TS Rookie

    Verizon DSL stinks!

    I have the Verizon DSL for over a year. Every few months, the DSL goes out. The other day, I unplugged the DSL for a minute. When I plugged it back in, all the lights were out, except for the power light. The power light is blinking red and sometimes blinking green. Of course, Verizon told me the modem is broke and my warranty is over. I find this hard to believe. HELP!
  7. cfitzarl

    cfitzarl TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,975   +9

    I have DSL in my apartment for about 1 month; my neighbor for about 1.5 months (we both moved in recently), and he started experiencing loss of connectivity, and no internet for up to an hour. I had some problems with people calling, and myself losing connectivity, but last night we lost our connection for a while. My dad, a 20-Year Verizon Technician was stumped; we tried new filters; and he did work in MS-DOS (probably reset the ip adress, but I'm not sure.
  8. lilmac321

    lilmac321 TS Rookie

    hey guys. i have a verizon dsl and the service has been horrible. i set it up just as told. And i have an on and off internet connection. I need help to keep my connection steady. The DSL light is blinking and is never steady on. The internet light is off. The internet does not connect. I restarted the modem so many times. please if someone can help i would definently appreciate it.
  9. batmankiller

    batmankiller TS Rookie Posts: 35

    I have the same problems as lilmac321 except it disconnects intermittently especially on weekends.. I'm not sure if it's modem or not =[
  10. millsonwheels

    millsonwheels TS Rookie

    I am needing some help with a connectivity issue using Verizon and a Westell 6100Modem. I am unable to connect to the internet. Following is some information on my problem.

    The initial setup and installation on this service was under a business account. Two weeks ago, the account was changed to residential and the service was changed to a new number in a new location but still using the same computer running Windows ME and the same modem. Since that change, the only page I see is the one that gives the message "unable to display page". I have had numerous conversations with Verizon and that say the issue is in my end. They say the line is active and the modem is working properly. Verizon says the can ping the modem. I have even changed the NIC and still get the same error. Following is a list of things I have tried to resolve this issue.

    Modem Light Status - The power, ethernet ( I am using ethernet), DSL and Internet are all a steady green light.

    I followed the steps outline belowed and reset the modem and then tried to open I got the same error message that "the page could not be opened". I have checked the hardware profile for the NIC and it shows no issues and that it is working properly.

    I tried to ping but was unsuccessful.

    I ran winipcfg and it showed the correct NIC. I also released and renewed the IP Address and still no change.

    What is missing? Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for you help
  11. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    Hi millsonwheels,

    Can you please post your issue in the Networking section.

    You should also go to Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Command prompt

    At the command prompt type Ipconfig /all

    Write down your defualt gateway as this is what you would enter instead of yours may be or something different
  12. millsonwheels

    millsonwheels TS Rookie

    Thanks for the info but now I have found another problem. When I typed Ipconfig/all to get the default gateway, t I found there is no assigned default gateway. Can someone tell me what is causing this and how to correct. I am gettign no where with tech support.

  13. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    make sure to put a space between ipconfig /all

    ipconfig and /all

    click the command prompt icon at the very top left of the box.

    then mouse over edit and click select all

    then click the command prompt icon again, mouse over edit, and click copy

    When you come back here click paste so I can see what you see.
  14. TonyP

    TonyP TS Rookie

    Dsl madness

    I am using Leopard OS on my Mac.
    Why do I have to restart my Verizon Westell modem every time I turn my computer on?
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