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Jan 30, 2006
  1. fraidycat

    fraidycat TS Rookie

    Per Verizon tech support, my Westell 327 modem got fried last week when the power went out or came back on - power light solid red. As six transfers failed to connect me to sales, and the ts guy told me the warranty was 1 month (!) even though I'd just resigned up for another year, I bought one on Ebay. This one powers up, dsl is good, but I can't connect to the internet and the internet light is either not on at all or red, even after reset (with either my wired desktop or wireless laptop). The quick.verizon site can't connect me - and won't take admin as a pword. I tried the reset steps and the modem steps. Did I buy another bad modem? I'm about fritzed with this! I'm on a borrowed modem and my friend wants it back. Spent 55 minutes w/rep this a.m., and now it was transferred to "corporate" and someone will call me.
  2. raccoon8888

    raccoon8888 TS Rookie

    Thanks for the all the help,
    Now my verizon dsl got trouble again. This time, the download speed drops to 32-64Kbits/sec from yestoday but the upload speed remains good - 160Kbit/sec, and i have called tech support with all the troubleshoot steps can't bring the speed back. Could you please give me some help for this?

    Thanks again,
  3. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    hi kulkel welcome to this thread
    im wondering the computer for your kids are you triying to connect it using the wireless router or can you explain your hardware setup ??? im confused for what i understand you have your westel modem and the wireless router hooked up to it and you have another computer a couple of rooms away and you connected it to the phone line????if thats your case the computer for your kids wont work you need a wireless card in that computer or connect the computer to the router using a ethernet cable
  4. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    hey raccoon8888
    check the filters on your phones try to change your phone cable that connects the modem and disable all firewalls if you have a router try to connect your modem directly to the computer and then got to this website to check your speed
  5. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    hey fradycat
    the thing is that the modem could be defective some times the reset button fails thats why they sell them on ebay so if the reset buttons doesnt work you can get the factory password back in to the modem system it should be
    user name :admin
    password: password
    the reason your internet light doesnt turn on its beacause you are not authenticating with the server you need to get the username and password in the modem in order to get a connection check if you have a pppoe connection with verizon tech support if you do leave the modem connected and create a pppoe connection on windows xp
    goto start
    control pannel
    network connections
    make a new connection and follow the instructions
  6. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    aushadi hi sorry for not responding in time hope you still need help on the av firewwall prob

    in this case the westell 6100 has a firewall built in but by default its turned of and verizon doesnt support that feature so if you ask for help
    now let me try to help you
    first of it seems like the ca program has the option to connect using dial up or lan like dsl so that means that your ca update program since you had dial up the option to update using a dial up connection is turned on the only thing you need to do is to change that i have seen other programs that have that option built in

    if it doesnt work uninstall the program completely and re install that sometimes helps a lot
  7. fraidycat

    fraidycat TS Rookie

    Thanks djleyo, the tech support girl had me do that on the 6th (and turn it into a bridge, and type a zillion things), but after an hour, she referred it (it's still in bridge mode) - the ticket still shows active as a route issue but no one has called). I tried your other fixes and the passwords are in the modem, and the westell site doesn't show that the pppoe is up. I can ping the 198.etc., but not yahoo. I can't afford another new modem right now, and my friend is getting a bit antsy about getting his back since of course he doesn't have dsl while I have his modem.
  8. shaggyvixe

    shaggyvixe TS Rookie

    Ok here goes....

    I have just recieved my Verizon Business DSL Installation kit for my restaurant and am having a hell of a time trying to install it. I have done everything as I was supposed to turning off the Anti-Virus and Firewall and running the install. I get to the final step of the install and it seems to hang. (I had it going for over a half hour and nada) the modem is working as the 3 lights all come on green. I am recieving and sending but for some reason it just doesn't seem to move past the final step.

    Any help?
  9. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    hey try one more thing go to your browser and type in the ip address for yahoo instead of type this if you get this message do you yahoo? then try if you get the yahoo page you have a problem with your dns server
  10. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    shaggyvixe i can help you but wich modem did you recieve ???westell 6100 , 327w ???
  11. raccoon8888

    raccoon8888 TS Rookie

    thanks, djleyo
    Sometimes this is really helpful, but not always. in the past 10 days, it looks the modem some times work hard to maintain the speed, 32 or 64 or 160 or 700 or 864, but the uploading speed always keeps 160 without any problem. i don't know what's going on.
  12. wudz

    wudz TS Rookie


    can u pls provide me with troubleshooting steps for No Sync (DHCP and PPPoE), No Route (DHCP and PPPoE) , Authentication (DHCP and PPPoE), Wireless configuration (no connection, wireless network not detected, etc (DHCP and PPPoE)), IP 169.x.x.x, IP 10.x.x.x, IP 0.x.x.x, limited or no connectivity for wireless and wired connection, thanks... just send it to my email
  13. fraidycat

    fraidycat TS Rookie

    djleyo -

    I bought another 327w from Ebay (retention was no help other than warning me cable was insecure!) and think both were defective. I'm back up (and happy that I can use my laptop again) but the modem is still set as a bridge from the Verizon tech support girl and I don't know how to change it back. Could that be why my speed tests are so bad (download 85% worse, upload 86% worse than the average of 1433 tests from How do I go about changing it back? I did reinstall all the previous security settings I had set for the modem. I'm keeping the Wirespeed for backup...these 327w's don't seem very long lasting.
  14. momsgonelooney

    momsgonelooney TS Rookie Posts: 124

    verizon and msn do not detect internet

    I have had verizon dsl for about 2 wks now and all of a sudden wen I go 2 login 2 msn it can't connect. I'm running a westell wirespeed and have tryed the verizon pc check up which keeps taking me 2 the dl page. I have unplugged the modem several times checked all my connection with no results. The only problem that I can see is that my local area connection has a yellow triangel by it. I do not know how to fix this issue plzz help.
  15. altertrax

    altertrax TS Rookie


    What troubleshooting steps should I do, if my westell 6100 has no sync
    ive checked for filters , my dsl lights keeps on flashing.
  16. ManU83

    ManU83 TS Rookie

    Can't Go to Internet!!

    Today is my service ready date, and I installed every necessary equipment Verizon provided: Westell 327w, filters, and cables. The result was that I got constant dsl green light; ethernet green light blinked very fast and got steady periodically; Internet green light blinked slowly. When I clicked on Internet explorer icon, verizon account setup page popped up. After I entered my Phone # and zip code, I came to the "preparing for account setup" page, where I have been stuck since 7pm. Although I unplugged the modem and reinstalled it, I couldn't go to the next step. I tried this several times, but no improvement. For the last resort, I called Verizon customer service to hear that if the problem persists until tommorow morning, I should call them again. Please Be My Help!! Thank you for your attention.
  17. franklampard8

    franklampard8 TS Rookie

    99% percent of the time, it's not the modem or equipment. It's the dsl signal getting to modem. call vol tech support and ask them to run a line test, and after you get noise margin, rco, and bitrate stats from them, post the numbers here.

    Isolation test, disconnect everything that plugs into a phone line except for the dsl modem. Make sure modem is directly into phone jack, no extensions, no filter, no 2way splitter. If still blinking, call tech support to create trouble ticket, could be something outside in the network.
  18. Albedo

    Albedo TS Rookie

    I could really use your help! My verizon dsl is causing me all kinds of grief. Every evening my ethernet and internet light on my Westell 6100 modem are always blinking. It causes my internet to be excedingly slow and a lot of times disconnects for very short periods of time. The internet disconnecting happens very frequently. Numerous times in one day! This never used to be a problem. I've of course called verizon tech support and they have me do the same thing everytime! Still it doesn't help! I've unplugged everything, did the site, tried different jacks inside the house, ran verizon speed test. I'm just really fed up with it! During the day its fine but then in the evening it goes out of control! What is it that I need to do?
  19. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    my father has verizon DSL in the DC area. The service was a LOT slower than anticipated. He averages about 90kps. It's faster than dial-up, but nowhere near the 756kps advertised.
  20. franklampard8

    franklampard8 TS Rookie

    call vol tech support in the evening, and ask them to run a line test, and after you get noise margin, rco, and bitrate stats from them, post the numbers here. Or ask them to create Troubles Ticket for Intermitent Slow throughput.
  21. franklampard8

    franklampard8 TS Rookie

    call vol tech support and ask them to run a line test, and after you get noise margin, rco, and bitrate stats from them, post the numbers here.
  22. lsg0622

    lsg0622 TS Rookie

    Problems with Verizon DSL software

    My mom just got her first computer, and we ordered Verizon DSL for it. I have had time warner cable forever, so I am no help to her.
    I installed the software that came with the computer, and it worked for like 2 weeks, but she hardly ever shut off the computer. Now, we shut down the computer and restarted it, and it says there is no internet. It seems like the software that we installed is not being recognized. I reinstalled the software, and then the internet came back. Now, she shut off the computer last night, and turned it back on this moring, and it says the internet is not there again. I am not there, so I am trying to help her on the phone. She has low vision, so it is not easy to tell her what to do. Why would the verizon software constantly dissappear?
    How can I set up the computer to always have an internet connection without the verizon software. It is so much easier with cable, just plug and go.
    Thanks in advance.
  23. kpmatley22

    kpmatley22 TS Rookie

    Page unavailable

    I have had DSL service for over a year and moved recently 1 mile from that location. I got the DSL service notice and tried to connect but could not get service. I called the Verizon help line three times and got to the point that all four lights on my Westll 6100 are lit solid and still page unavailable messages appear. On the last call to the help desk, the tech had me punch in the DNS numbers for Yahoo and Google and I would bet the home page for them to come up and could even punch in a subject to search on Google and it gave me the search results but I could not drill in further on any search link or sub menu such as sports, weather etc. When we pinged websites from the command prompt it came back fine. The tech told me it looks like it something wrong on my computer side. To test this theory, I loaded up Netzero, dial up and wanted to see if my browser was allowing pages to pull up there. It worked fine. I know now it is not my browser being corrupted. Any other suggestions? Seems like this Westell 6100 is a common factor in a lot of these connectivity issues. My Verizon start up CD has some trouble shooting software for other modems besides the 6100, and I can not get it to install the Verizon start up software because I keep getting self-registration errors in Macromedia Flash. Please Help.
  24. franklampard8

    franklampard8 TS Rookie

    The verizon software configures the modem to connect to the internet, once that has been done once you don't even need the software anymore to connect to the internet. Just use any browser like IE or Firefox to browse the internet. If you are constantly losing internet from shutting down pc than it's something else. I would call techsupport to test your lines to the modem. The number is 18005676789.
  25. franklampard8

    franklampard8 TS Rookie

    -Are you using a router, could be MTU settings for router. Could be a firewall in the modem, have vol check this.
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