Verizon router doesn't let me ftp, help?

By Curiosity101
Feb 21, 2010
  1. after hours of researching its been brought to my attention that apparently my verizon fios router is setup to block ftp, its not my firewall or how i setup my ftp but its the fact that i can not access my ftp from any other location but my house.. and the purpose of me setting up my ftp was so i could access it from any where else.i have made numerous amount of calls back and forth to Verizons tech support and they told me that feature is disabled.. i do not have a seperate router because my modem is my wireless router. i have tried port fowarding and i just dont know where to go from here PLEASE SOME HELP ME its very fustrating and i would appreciate some advice
  2. Curiosity101

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    thanks people
  3. jobeard

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    Wireless is an issue here, but the outline goes like this

    1. install an FTP server (not available on Windows Client systems)
    2. give the FTP server system a static IP address on your LAN
    3. now port forward ports 20-21 to the FTP server system.
    4. enable ports 20-21 to/from any in your firewall on the FTP server.
    #1 is the item most people over look, assuming that just because you can run->ftp, that
    the server will 'just respond' -- nope, that's another install

    Other choices would be Putty or SSH on the server and with SSH you need port 22 opened in the firewall and fowarded from the router.
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