Very low FPS with good system

By Phenom47 · 4 replies
Nov 1, 2012
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  1. My System is..

    Motherboard= Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 (bios version F10)
    Proccessor= AMD FX X8 8150 SOCKET AM3+ 3.6GHZ 16MB CACHE 32NM
    Ram= 16GB(4X4) 1600mhz corsair ram
    HDD= 2x500gb WDB Sata HDD
    Graphic Cards =MSI 2X AMD HD6970 Crossfire

    My problem is I got seriosly low fps on everygame and I really need help because its really annoying trying to fix this like 2 months now.

    FPS in games like...
    --- World of Warcraft MOP(Ultra Settings with 1080p res) = Min 19-15fps-max 35 fps in main cities and 50 -30 other zones.

    --- Witcher 2 = min 9fps max 18(ultra settings with ubersampling on Min 20 - max 35 ubersampling off..)

    --- Battlefield 3 = min 35 max 50( 1080p res , all on ultra) it was max 80 when I was using 12.8 driver with 12.10 it drops to max 50 somehow + got texture flickering while looking far distance with sniper etc.

    --- NFS Most Wanted = Min 19 Max 45 with all settings on ultra

    Most people have better performance then me in games with same system + less graphic card somehow. Before this system I had

    AMD Phenom x4 3.0ghz cpu + 8gb 800mhz kingston ram with gtx460 and I made raid 2xWD 500GB HDD .

    I was playing rift with min 35 fps on 1080p + ultra settings supersampling on . Then I formatted my pc when I opened rift I saw my fps was max 20 with supersampling on. So I changed my graphic card to single HD6970. But this time it was 10 fps more better in all games. Some people said that my power supply (500 watt xilence) is low for that graphic card so I buyed a new one with 750 watt xilence. But I saw nothing changes. I thought my cpu bottlenecking so I buyed current system( on top) and I saw that only +10 more fps better in all games again. I dont think this fps is normal with this system I tried nearly everyhing but nothing fix this problem.Only I didnt change my hdd's yet. Now most people says HDD is the problem but I dont wanna buy something for nothing again.

    I plugged my second graphic card to 4x pcı slot because of when I plug 16x both cards stick together and makes overheat problems. I just changed it 4x to 8x after I got longer CF bridge cable. Btw I tried second card in 4x - 8x and 16x pcı slots all gives the same fps......

    Here is a bechmark result while second card in 4x slot with windows 7

    And here is the second one with 8x slot + windows 8

    I really need help atm because after all this changes my pc is like from year 2008 and im tired of searching what cause the problem... :(
  2. slh28

    slh28 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,706   +172

    Is CF working? When I upgraded to 12.10 the second card wasn't being picked up so I rolled back to 12.8.
  3. Phenom47

    Phenom47 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes CF is working but it uses %75 of main and %40 of secondary card. The thing is cpu-ram-graphic cards non of em uses full.
  4. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Why are your core clock and memory clock speeds so low on that benchmark you linked? Are you using any software to monitor or control those settings?
  5. Phenom47

    Phenom47 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I checked them from amd catalyst they are max while in games etc. just benchmark shows it like that dunno why.

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