Very unstable and weird ping numbers

So I have been noticing this very unstable connection when playing video games online (Mainly Apex Legend on PS4) and this has been going for at least the past month, so I decided to test out other games to see the issue persists and when I did it was similarly awful, so I decided to look online for some solutions to this issue and below are the solution that I have tried :-

  • setting a static IP address for my PS4
  • enabling DMZ for my PS4
  • port forwarding for PS network and Apex Legends
  • using a new Ethernet cable (also tried WiFi)
  • replacing my router, albeit a new one but the same model
  • factory resetting my PS4

I contacted my ISP regarding this issue (they kept having me do download/upload speed tests which was pointless since I never really had an issue with that anyway), Only recently I have found out about how I can test my to certain websites or servers so I decided to test that but I haven't found the IP address for Apex Legends' EU server so I decided to try out some other games which were Overwatch and LoL and I also tried just for reference and I will be attaching the screenshots of my results in this post. I think I have to mention that I live in Dubai and usually get consistent 110-120 on EU servers in most games which I don't mind at all as long as that ping is consistent, I also want to mention that I have internet connection speeds of 250 download and 150 upload. Any help would be very much appreciated since I have tried everything I know so far and nothing seems to have worked or improve the situation in the slightest.


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Gabriel Pike

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It appears that speed is not the problem but latency is. You will need ping times to be in the < 50ms range to play competitive. By looking at yours with the latency as high as 300ms is causing the problem.This is the time it takes your input to reach the remote servers not your speed to the site.
I have managed to play competitively before with my ping being at a stable 110-125 without many problems, but only recently I've been seeing it shoot up to 200-300 for no explainable reason (only been happening for the past month), my problem is that I don't no why it has been like that and have no idea how to fix it.

Gabriel Pike

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You can't fix it. This is probably ISP routing. The only thing you can do is show them the results and complain.
Well that's really unfortunate since now I'm going to have stop playing online games completely, I just don't really understand why it used to work just fine (stable ping) about a month ago and now it's just all over the place, I also asked some friends in my city with the same ISP and they did not seem to have an issue with ping. Anyway thanks a lot for taking some of your time to respond.


First get the DOMAIN NAME for the website in question. Then using a command prompt window, enter
  • pathping ThatDomainName

It will take about 2-3 minutes to complate as it test every host between YOU and thatDomainName

When it's done, COPY the results and PASTE as your reply