VIA AC97 running but no sound!

By D1X3Y
Aug 22, 2010
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  1. Hi, wonder if anyone can help....

    I don't know much about what system im running etc, but i DO know that my laptop does not play any sound at all!

    Under sounds & audio devices it says my default is VIA Audio (Wave), and when i go into hardware, it says VIA AC97 Audio controller (WDM), and it says the device is working properly.

    When i go into my device manager, and click under sound, video and game controllers, it come up with the following list: Audio codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture device, Media control devices, VIA AC97 Audio controller (WDM), video codecs.

    Im being completely honest and saying im not sure what all these mean!

    I know the current system is running windows XP SP3, and ive recently dowloaded and install all the latest updates. Ive played around with different settings and can't get anything to work.

    I read through a few other posts, and decided to check the "problem devices" section, but nothing came up, so ran the "dxdiag", but that made no sense to me!

    Sorry if ive listed the completely wrong information needed, but if anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated.


  2. TristanAnteros

    TristanAnteros TS Rookie


    Volume in windows volume panel and on the speaker, make sure the speakers are being powered as well.

    Also check to see if you have the speaker cable plugged into the green hole on the back of the computer usually there are 3 to 4 sound input output holes use just the green hole for 2 speaker setups.
  3. D1X3Y

    D1X3Y TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Asthe sounds wasn't working, i thought initially that it was the speakers playing up, but ive unplugged the speakers and tested them on my other pc and they are fine. So currently i don't even have any external speakers plugged in, just using the laptops built in speakers..
  4. TristanAnteros

    TristanAnteros TS Rookie

    Thats not what I meant but ok so it may just be a faulty sound port try a pair of headphones in the port just for comparison if they dont work either then yeah faulty port because if the internal speakers are working then the sound card is also if you want external speaks check out a USB or a pcmcia adapter you can find nice ones with multispeaker setup on

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