Video card brand review!

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Apr 5, 2008
  1. Everyone do not buy from powercolor. I bought a video card from them it worked 4 days then stopped workin, the card was a defect. Theni have to pay 8.00 for shipping to send it back to them another disappointment. Then yesterday they try to bs me sayin i didnt give them the rebate form which they are lieng I did all the rebates over the phone and the lady told me everything to send them and I did. Lets hope i get my card back WORKING and the 10$ rebates. Im sick of this company other people said there good on this forum but this is a very bad experience. Feel free to post. If this is the wrong forum sorry, I wasn't sure if this was the correct forum. PimpMyPc
  2. Matthew

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    Nothing and nobody is perfect, manufacturing errors occur. Perhaps your rebate information hasn't been received via mail yet (or it hasn't been processed at their facility). That is the likely case if you've only had the card for four days. Generally when I send rebate information in, it takes at least 2 weeks before I get a notice about them receiving it and it takes an additional 6-8 weeks usually before I get my money.
  3. pimpmypc

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    ye but this is a bad experience with them have u ever bought anything from them?
  4. Matthew

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    No, but it doesn't sound like that bad of an experience at all to me. I dunno, defects happen, they occur with any and all manufacturers. The company sound like they're handling your situation appropriately to me by charging you for shipping to send the product back and then they'll probably pay to ship it to you if they deem the defect to be their fault. You're also expecting them to process your rebate at a ridiculously quick rate.

    Personally, I think you're being unfair about the situation, perhaps even dramatizing it a bit.
  5. pimpmypc

    pimpmypc TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 111

    they sent te card back to me im getting it on monday so ill see how this one works they said it was a defect
  6. Matthew

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    Good luck, pimpmypc.
  7. X1950XT

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    Yeah zeno is right, people make mistakes and not all companies are 100% reliable. All of them have at least some cards that are faulty. You can't say powercolor sucks just because you got a DOA card, if that were the case then ALL the hardware components manufactureres would suck...
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