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Apr 26, 2008
  1. Video card help.....please?!

    Hey, I'm a console gamer who has just been introduced to the world of computer gaming, World of warcraft to be exact. i currently have a Gateway 420GR ( a couple of years old i know) and all tho it handles 90% of the game w/o a problem it starts having problems when a lot of action from multiple players is on the screen at once ( 22 wide screen) so i was looking for suggestions on a video card upgrade that wouldn't damage my wallet to much and that would fit my PC .

    A few specs that may be needed

    CPU: Intell Pentium 4 515 ( 2.93 GHz )
    Core speed 2933.5
    Motherboard: intel corp, Model D915GAG
    Power supply: 300w

    P.S. I have added 1 gig of Ram already, I know its a crappy comp and i get a new one at the end of the year. this is basically a World of warcraft only PC so i just need to get by till i can get a new one. My budget is near and hopefully under 150.00

  2. mailpup

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    What kind of graphics card slot do you have?
  3. nickc

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    u need a new graphics card, since I think u only have pci slot, I am going to suggest u look at the stickie at the top of this forum if u have an AGP slot post back an some one will make a suggestion.
  4. Killerllama

    Killerllama TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yup i just checked i currently have 2 open pci slots
  5. Tha General

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    PCI - E or PCI ?
  6. TL93

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  7. Killerllama

    Killerllama TS Rookie Topic Starter

    PCI -E i guess then, sorry i dont know much about this type of stuff :p its why im here........So now thats out of the way do your have any suggestions for the original question on this post?
  8. Killerllama

    Killerllama TS Rookie Topic Starter


    U ppl suck ***, u just ask more question and post random statements. . . . *****s
  9. gamerex

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