Video game usage in US up 45% as spending jumps 39%


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As part of its monthly Video Game Tracking survey (Via The Hollywood Reporter), Nielson Games surveyed around 3,000 people in the US, UK, France and Germany. According to the results, every country saw an increase in gaming time over the week between March 23 – 29. America’s 45 percent jump was the biggest spike in gaming time, followed by France’s 38 percent, the UK with 29 percent, then Germany with 20 percent.

Online games are increasing in popularity as more people are confined to their homes, likely helped by the fact players can interact with friends and family in online titles, many of which are free-to-play. Twenty-nine percent of US gamers say they have been playing more of these games since the pandemic began, while other countries have seen similar increases.

Not only are more games being played, more money is also being spent on them. In the US, 39 percent of those polled said they are spending "somewhat or much more" on video games.

With many areas implementing stay-at-home rules and so many retail stores closed, the number of Americans buying games digitally has gone up 42 percent. The last few years have seen downloads become an increasingly popular way of buying games, and the current situation could have a devastating effect on brick-and-mortar stores, many of which were already struggling.

The findings echo an earlier GSD report that showed game and console sales were surging across Europe. The lockdown has also seen Steam breaking its concurrent user record, a jump in sales for home office products, and an uptick in streaming service signups.

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Not surprising. Most people are home and have at least one console to play games on. GOG is running a sale, and DOOM Eternal is out on most platforms (except the Switch, for now). There's no better time to game than the present.
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Just my observation but I am surprised that the companies hosting these game servers haven't been asked to limit the number of players in order to allow for greater bandwidth used by people communicating with their work, relatives, friends, etc, etc. Of course they don't give us any stat's on the downloading of porn, which I have to believe will peak the needle most of the time!

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