Video resolution messes up during games

By l3luemoon975
Jun 17, 2006
  1. alright well my friend recently got a new monitor and he has been having some trouble with it. when he plays some games the resolution will get all messed up and what happens is it shows evenly sized blurred squares so he can't see any thing. the only way he has been able to fix this was restart his comp. his current resolution is 1600x1200, he has set his video card to that resolution which is the recommended resolution for his monitor. now i and he have no ideal how to fix this and why it is happening. do you guys have any ideal?
  2. Rik

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    You need to check what refresh rates the monitor uses at different resolutions and compare that to what refresh rates the graphics card uses at those resolutions.
    Also, is the graphics card fairly new? And has it had any similar problems in the past?
  3. l3luemoon975

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    the graphics card is an ati raeon x800XL. i think his is about a year old. i did tell him it might be his refresh rates and he said his was at 60mhz. but ill ask him more about his refresh rates tomorrow.
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