Videos not playing, even after updating codec packs

Hi guys, new to the forum. My PC specs are on my profile.

So, I have had no problems playing certain .avi video files on my computer, but this evening, for no apparent reason, I tried to play a video and it wouldn't play. Other videos still play, but the ones from my camera do not.

I thought this could have been a codec issue, so I downloaded the latest K-lite Mega codec pack and installed it, but to no avail. An error message came up on Media Player Classic, which can be found here:


Your assistance in this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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Have you tried using Windows Media Player 11?
I would guess that the same thing would happen.
I don't have a clue what's wrong, but if I were you, I'd try with VLC. It's much more tolerant of errors and will continue to try and play the video.


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That's strange. MPC-HC is usually pretty good as is, w/o codec pack. Just to be sure there's nothing wrong w/ the videos themselves, these are playable on your camera?
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I have tried using Windows Media Player 11. It plays the sound, but no image. (I forgot to mention, that is what MPC-HC does as well.)

YES! Ive downloaded VLC and the videos play! Thank you.

They have been removed from my camera quite a while ago, and stored on my computer. They have always played before. It has only been in the last few day that they have stopped.

Thank you all for your time in helping me. I will just continue to use VLC for now until I can find out the underlying cause of this problem.

- James


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MPC is picky. There might not even be anything with the videos. Maybe the next release of their drivers will fix it. I had this problem for a while with a few mpegs.


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I just discovered the same problem with some old files from my camara, and it only happens with MPC. Strange, but I think it's a good idea to have at least two media players.
I actually have three, UMplayer, VLC and MPC-HC, trying to figure out which one I like best. VLC seems to be most stable and play everything. I also like UMplayer, but highres .MKV files play at about 5 fps...