Keyboard / Mouse Virus for Keyboard?

My keyboard acting weird in past few days. if I click r, it will go in RUN application, if I click L, It will logout the account, etc. I tried many anti malware like unhackme, Malware Bytes, Adware Cleaner, JKT, TDSS Killer and my Anti virus is Avira. I even tried ESET NOD. All was updated.

I tried 2 new keyboards and still acting weird.

Lastly. I Reformat my PC twice and the virus that modified my keyboard was still there.

Help me. Thank you.


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I doubt it was a virus, it sounds more like an incorrect setting in your keyboard settings.
What Operating System are you using & the name/model# of your keyboard. The more info you have, the easier it'll be to fix it. :)


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Sounds like its an Ease of Access (thought it was called Accessibility?) setting. Here is a decent starting point to begin poking around:
Control Panel\Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center\Set up Sticky Keys