Virus mimicking Windows Security Window

By compused
Feb 2, 2009
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  1. Hi,

    I'm not sticking this in the Virus Removal Forum because I didn't get infected, but on Saturday I went on to one of my usual Internet sites, when suddenly, a window appeared looking like the Windows Security page saying my computer was infected with malware and viruses and that I needed to download a programme to get rid of them. Before I touched any buttons, it started trying to download its virus programme and I caught the name of "Guard 009" in its title but didn't waste time staring at it. I came out straightaway and then checked my virus protection, which, as I suspected, was perfectly OK. It was due for its usual daily virus scan at noon that day and it didn't find anything.

    So just be warned that there is a virus which looks so harmless but is lightening quick in trying to download its progrramme.

    I have tried surfing for "Guard 009" on the Internet and have come up with nothing, so maybe I didn't catch the name correctly.
  2. kimsland

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    This Malware has been around for some time, and is commonly posted for removal support

    I'd say you're likely infected
    You should check out the 8-step Virus/Malware removal process

    Note: You are not infected with the program "Guard 009" (as you caught the install in time)
    You are likely infected with a small file on your computer that prompted the download

    Anyway just see how you go, but if it were me I'd probably run all the scans, just to be safe
  3. mflynn

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