Virus off aim something about liveleak

By diewnei
Jan 6, 2009
  1. hi my friend recently said that i sent him a link that says something with in it. its that virus where its about installing a fake flash player update or some sort. ive called him and he actually confirms that he received it and it wasnt a bot just answering me. ive also been having weird internet problems these last two days. my internet wont connect and keeps disconnecting. here is the log from hijackthis
  2. jimmyz91164

    jimmyz91164 TS Rookie

    This spyware/Virus WILL hijack your entire AIM buddy list and send a link to a fake YOU TUBE site to all your friends.Once that happens,all your friends will get their list hijacked and it will spread like a disease.The developers are a disease to society as well and should be prosecuted.The whole page is one giant icon that will download the spyware/virus.
    JimmyZ - NY
  3. jimmyz91164

    jimmyz91164 TS Rookie


    It will also load tons of junk onto your hard drive.For me,it was "C".
    Here is the software to remove it.Be sure to have your windows CD to reload system files that may become corrupt after this crap is removed.You should know what you are doing before running these programs.

    hijackthis and
    Spybot - Search & Destroy

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