Virus or malware keeps shutting computer off

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Jun 5, 2009
  1. Hello gentlemen. I have seen this topic discussed before on this forum. But now it is happening to me. I am a director of a large children's charity and I use my my computer for everything, including communication with people I have in the field the world over. Every time I run Norton 360 or any other malware program, my computer shuts down by itself. Same for using Skype. I had Geek Squad look at it. They ran some scans and told me I was clean. Not so... I have the suggested logs for your reference. And...thank you for your help...

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    Well the first two logs are clean, I'd be more inclined to say that your computer is overheating.

    Do you have a brand name computer or is it one someone built for you? How long have you had it?
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    It is a custom built machine. Using Vista. There are multiple fans on the unit. Side, rear and one on the CPU of course. How do I know if it is overheating, and what can I do about that? THanks!
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    Shut down and unplug the PC.
    Take the sides off the machine, I'm assuming this is an Intel based PC.

    In front of you you should see a big fan with an Intel sticker on it. Wiggle it - does it move?
    If it moves, wiggle the four pegs and see which are loose.
    Undo them as per the arrow on them, pop them up and twist them back.
    Now locate them into the holes, push down on them until they pop into place and the heatsink is attached firmly.
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    It is an Intel PC. Heat sink is tighter than a mouses ear. Good contact with conductor stickem.
    Should I change to a liquid cooled system?
  6. pdreschnack

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    I followed your advice. I took the CPU fan apart and foun dust between the fan and the sink. I cleaned it and it works perfectly!!!
    Thank you for your help. No one knew enough to help me with this. You did.
    And I really appreciate it!!


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