Virus stops msconfig, regedit, taskmgr, malwerebytes and giving me a blue screen

By CalleBalle · 4 replies
Nov 29, 2009
  1. I'm in serous need of help! Windows XP Sp3 swedish

    Yesterday i was out searching for some fun apps to my new iPhone. Sudenly the computer slowdown and several warnings about changes in the register popped up. I denied alla changes despite that, a "virus-program" pops up and wants me to buy it... I THINK it was called Antivirus Pro, but iäm not completely sure. Not to long ago I fixed an other computer that had gotten a similar virus with Malwarebytes, so i tried tp run that program. Guess what happens! I cant open it! Apparently that file has been "infected", at least if you are going to belive the popup in english (my XP is swedish). same thing happens when i try msconfig and regedit... On top of this, my AVG shuts down of the same reason, so I decided to Reboot my computer in "Safe mode". I apologize, since I'm running the Swedish version of XP, I might not get all the terms right. Sorry.

    How ever, when I try to boot in safe mood, I get a blue screen! looks like any other but tells me to deactivate or uninstall all antivirus- defrag- and backup programs. I have never seen a blue screen telling anyone to do this. The ting that bugs me the mots is that this text is in Swedish... That makes me a little unsure if this is the virus or if my computer has really crashed...

    I try to boot in all the ways I know, but it's the same ting over and over... My last effort to get in was to start windows in "trubelshooting mode (?)", And it WORKED!!!! at least for about 30sec... i get in and every thing is back to normal, loading and even my msconfig, regedit and malwerbytes is working. But, after about 30 seconds everything freezes, nothing happens, and i'm back att square one...

    Help me!! how do i get my computer to work? i am going to try with a booteble USB with linux, but plleeeeed help:)
  2. AnonymousSurfer

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    This is a Rogue Software, I have had it in the past. Spyware Doctor will clean it off your computer. Next time, Please read 8-step Virus Removal and download the Programs requested in the thread, then post the logs after you have run scans. I don't think you will need to seeing Spyware Doctor is the answer, but please next time if you have a problem, please read 8-step Virus Removal before posting. The software you have that I believe I had disables anti-virus software's. If it is Windows Anti-Virus Pro, then you should be able to run Malwarebyte's. Does the picture look like [​IMG]
  3. Kcircyrd

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    Running the combination of the free SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes, in concert with Avire Antivir will remove all vestiges.
    AVG is not so good at it, and we find it is wise to remove AVG for that reason, then use either Avast or Avira Antivire.
    It is also useful to download the new Microsoft Security Essentials and scan with that program as well.
  4. CalleBalle

    CalleBalle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you!! As I said i cant open MalwereBytes, but that looks like mine program. I cant even get windows to start. I get a blue screen EVERY boot, every time i try to boot, in different modes (normal, safe etc.), it's the same thing... thats my biggest problem... And yes i've read the 8-step virus removal guide, but it didn't say anything about working around the blue screen... So if you have any tips that would be appreciated :)

    I booted a pendrivelinux (SliTaz), but as I'm not all to skilled with computers, especially linux, I didn't find a way to access my hard drive... so if you know how, please do tell:)
  5. CalleBalle

    CalleBalle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No need for more replies. I partitioned my hard drive, copied all my important files (120gb movies) to one partition and reinstalled windows on the other one. Thanks for you help, to bad it didn't help me, next time please read the whole problem instead of just the part you understand yourself.
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