Vista does not see 2nd SATA hdd

By DAVE052648
Jan 9, 2010
  1. my memory is a little fuzzy on some of the details of the original installation because it's been a while. originally had a 100/120 gb hd on my emachines computer. i was running out of space so i bought a 1 tb hd (sata), i installed the new hd. i installed the os and all my files on the new hd and wiped the old one. everything seemed to be ok. i had both hd's plugged in and saw c & d drives in my computer. fast-forward 18 months, i'm going to do a fresh install. i do this without any trouble but while doing it i realize that c&d are both the 1 tb drive and I'm not seeing the 2nd drive. here's where i'm really lost-i cannot see hd 2, if i unplug the 1 tb hd with all the data on it i restart and see what i believe to be hd 2. to be sure i stick in a ubuntu disc and it loads, installs and updates that os-perfect! now if i plug in both hd's it will boot to ubuntu and not see the 1 tb hd when i unplug the hd containing ubuntu it will boot to the 1 tb hd and windows and everything works fine. i don't want a dual os system all i want is to boot to the 1tb hd with vista and see and be able to use the smaller drive. the only reason i installed ubuntu was so i could be sure that both hd's work and tell exactly which hd i was seeing once i can see both hd's i will remove ubuntu. thanks.
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    Hi and welcome to TS, this is the welcome section, not a place to post your problem.

    this post will get deleted by a mod, so i suggest you edit the above post and repost in the correct forum.
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    Sorry, Thanks

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