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Apr 17, 2010
  1. I have a Dell computer running windows xp and an Emachine computer running vista, but the emachine has a blown motherboard. I needed a cd/dvd burner and i managed to figure out how to take the one out of my emachine and place it in my dell computer, but what i would like to know is if i can use the hard drive from my emachines in my dell. ive already installed it. I installed it as if i was installing a second drive. nothing comes up and i cant find anything. i also tried installing it as the master drive. when i do this i cant get windows to load. is what im trying to accomplish actually possible. if so how???
  2. amalan2k

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    and more. the second drive is a 250gb seagate sata drive running vista. the other (main drive) is 80gb sata running xp.
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    you can't simply put another hard drive with a different OS in another computer and have it boot. since they are different systems the OS needs different device drivers and software. you should be able to slave the drive with vista on it and see the files but vista won't boot on the Dell. you'll either need to perform a repair install or full reinstall of vista to get it working on a different machine.
  4. amalan2k

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    ok.will i need the original vista software. wich i dont have to perform either install??? and wat is the exact procedure to slave the drive? i believe the drive is correctly connected to the computer. i believe. but i dont see anything at the moment
  5. amalan2k

    amalan2k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i can see everything now and am about to perform backup but is there anyway i will be able to obtain the vista os before i format the slave drive???
  6. amalan2k

    amalan2k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can somebody help me. vista is on the slave drive. xp is on the master, and i dont have my vista software. is there a way i can make it the os on the master. also there is 250gb on the slave and 80gb on the master. i need them switched software wise so i can switch them physically. somebody please help me.
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