Vista keeps crashing

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Oct 17, 2008
  1. Ok here is the deal. My computer keeps crashing. And when it does it won't reboot or if it does it imediatly crashes again. It continues this until it will finally say that windows failed to start, would you like to run start up repair? So I run that and while that is running it will ask if you would like to try and restore it so I say yes. And this seems to fix the problem.......till it crashes again. Sometimes a few days later sometimes an hour later. I am not even sure where to start. I also have a thread going in the security and the web forum but after going through everything there they pointed me in this direction.

    Thanks Dominic

    Oh this pc hasnt't been over clocked or anything. Just a memory upgrade a month or 2 ago otherwise stock.
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  3. drneves7

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    I will run the Memtest in a minute. I got my pc started again. This time when the startup repair ran I did not restore when it asked if I wanted to. And it seemed to start up much better. And when I logged on my logictech mouse software was corrupt so just reinstalled the drivers as instructed. So about to reboot after I run the memtest so we will see how it does.
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    Also run CheckDisk on your drive as well

    Checkdisk Xp, or Checkdisk Vista instructions
  5. drneves7

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    Computer crashed again!!!! Now it won't even start just here the cooling fan start up then shut down and it just hangs there. I am downloading the memchec thing right now on my moms pc going to see if that will boot or not. After that I guess I will check and see if I have the cd bundle that came with the pc. Just moved so may be packed away. So any hints before I reinstall vista would be great.

    Thanks a bunch Dominic.
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  7. drneves7

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    Well all seems good right now. Here is all I did. i ran the memtest and chkdsk. Found nothing. I then went to HP's website and microsofts to look for a way to check my windows. Came up with nothing. When on HP's site i decided to check for new versions of drivers. Found that I could update my bios so I did. Then I think WoW got messed up on one of the first crash's so ran the repair program for that also. So far so good. No problems. Gamed for like 4 hours tonight. Woot and thanks for all the help guys.

    Thanks a bunch,

    p.s. if you have more suggestions on how to further investigate or prevent this feel free to post.
  8. drneves7

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    Ley sigh!!!!!

    Ok haven't used my pc for a few days as I have been only doing school work and didn't want to chance losing the work. Well it was a good thing that I haven't been because I just logged on and my pc crashed. Only stayed up long enough to open web browser. I then got an error telling me that windows side bar had to be shut down. Once again it isn't booting up so I will continue to try and get it to boot. Already ran the memtest and ran the disk check on c: drive. But will run it agian. Any help would really be appreciated especially since I don't have my disks to reinstall.

    Thanks Dominic
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    Please try starting in Last Known Good Configuration
    From selecting F8 at Windows startup

    Failing this you can try Checkdisk from Safe Mode Command Prompt
    chkdsk c:/r

    Otherwise I'll wait for the results on the Drive Diagnostic test
  10. drneves7

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    How do I know which Hard drive I have on this. It is a HP laptop. And it is back up at the moment and I am going to run the chkdisk right now.
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  12. drneves7

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    Well I talked to HP last night. And basically they said I need to do a full system recovery. So I guess that is what I am going to do I guess I should have from the beginning now that I have over a week of this thing crashing........

    Thanks for all the help and I will update later on the outcome.

    Thanks Dominic.
  13. drneves7

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    Still crashing......

    Okay after a full restore, reformat or what ever you want to call it my pc is still crashing. This time the BSOD stayed up long enough for me to grab some info.

    Gave me these codes or what ever in this format

    ***STOP: 0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X81E7014D, 0XABC6CBA4, 0X00000000)

    It also said I should shut off or uninstall my antivirus and turn off some other things and make sure my video drivers (I think that is what it said) was up to date.

    Any help would be appreciated so much I am pulling my hair out. I am waiting to chat with a HP rep so we will see what they have to say.

    Thanks a bunch

    P.S. Going to bed in a few going to run memtest again while I sleep.
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    Have you updated all the drivers?

    Back at Post#2 did you run the Memtest fully?
    So you ran it for ~ 4Hrs and found nothing ?
  15. drneves7

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    Not sure how long it ran it was for a while but it may not have been 4 hours. But it was close if it wasn't. It should run about 6 hours right now because that is how long I plan on sleeping :) And no not a single error the first time.
  16. kimsland

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    Ok good idea

    I'll be on here for another couple of hours (who knows though with me!)
    But then back on in 9Hrs from riiiiggghhtttt Now. :)
  17. drneves7

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    Memtest came up clean after running for god knows how long well over 4 hours though lol. Upgraded bios and video driver and what ever else to do with the card. So far no crashes so not sure if that was just it the video driver but I thought it was up to date before who knows. And the crashes have been random so I dunno lol.

    Thanks dominic
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