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Oct 28, 2008
  1. pc is a notebook, toshiba x205-s7483, home premium vista, this has been rebooting while just sitting idle for several months now, maybe like once a day... i just installed service pack one yesterday, didnt realize i didnt have it on there, but has already crashed since then...

    I have the dmp files, and after reading bunches of internet pages, hoping that this is the correct approach and someone can analyze these for me and let me know some things to try...i would like to know kind of how you looked at them too so that i might be able to solve this type of problem on my own in the future if it happens again.

    i have the most current video and audio drivers and even bios i believe from toshiba so this thing should really be up to date, i dont want to reformat quite yet if i dont have too, so would like to know what the culprit is..

    limewire is on the computer as teenage boys use that on occassion... i would prefer it not be on here, but its this pc, or mine...and that isnt happening...i use utorrent exclusively.

    i have run winaso registry cleaner on this pc which hasnt helped...

    the video card in here is a 8700m gt geforce go series...notebook version of course.
    2 gig of memory
    and a 1.66 ghz dual core processor
    and i have service pack 1 vista 32bit now, although i just installed it last night but hasnt fixed the problem..

    any advise is greatly appreciated!

    and just to be clear the laptop never reboots while we are using it...its always when we have it just sitting on the desk plugged into power and on... and all of the sudden we notice that the crazy thing is rebooting...and have no idea why...not sure why...

    although one strange thing, i notice that the crashes are happening around 11:56 am or so... or 12:25 pm or so on any given this should be a possible big hint of some kind of application trying to do something on a schedule but i cant place my finger on what it might be...

    i use smartsync pro to back up contents daily to a netgear sc101t that is hardwired on my router in the basement, this pc is just wireless through the router..
    but its set to sync at 430 pm each day and it does so successfully so that is not likely it...

    i have made three jpgs listing all of my open processes, but this would only let me attach 5 files and i wanted to include at least 5 minidump files but maybe i can make a new post right after this one that has the jpgs of my open processes, i will do this... as i dont know another way to show you 3 more files. ill call the post, JPGS OF VISTA CRASHING, so if you search for that it should be easy if you dont see it right away

    i have 43 minidump files and july 8th of 2008 is when this started happening on a regular basis, and always within an hour or so of the above stated times, except for like once when it was around 5pm... so there is definately something going on that is relative to the time of day... hope this helps.
  2. thaiassassin

    thaiassassin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Jpgs of vista crashing

    this is a follow up to my other post including jpgs of my open processes...hope this helps
  3. geekygirl63

    geekygirl63 TS Rookie Posts: 54

    going to reply to this and then go look at the jpg files you posted. First, since it is when it is idle, check your power management settings to see if it is associated with the system going into suspend or hibernation mode or the hard drives spinning down. Some power setttings are defaulted for the hard drives to spin down after 20 minutes and for system to hibernate or suspend after a certain amount of time. Set it so that when it is powered on, (ie, not on battery) that it is always on (no disk timeout, no screen timeout or suspend/hibernate). Let me know if that helps. If so, it is probably having trouble managing the suspend or hibernate mode.

    As for limewire - An experience I just had that I will pass on:

    1. Parents of non-legal age kids (ie. under 18) are responsible for a kids activity on computer with regard to downloading music in a non-legal way. Limewire allows people to share music peer to peer and allows users to download without paying. If your son shares his folders, the music can be discovered. Fines can be high.

    2. I cleaned a system just this weekend in which 13 viruses were embedded in MP3 files that didn't fully download from limewire.

    In the case of some average fines, recent crackdowns on college campuses, have some fines averaging $3000. at 99c a piece you can buy a lot of music using itunes, napster or other pay for music services.

    Let me know if changing the power management settings helps.

  4. thaiassassin

    thaiassassin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i found the settings and told it to not turn the display off when plugged in ever, and also it was set to turn off harddrives after sitting for 20 minutes while plugged in, i changed this to never. ill see if this helps any.... what did the minidump files show, or were you able to look at those? what a great response time to my concerns though, thank you so much... not sure if this is reflecting the fact that this happens around the same times of day always but worth a shot
  5. geekygirl63

    geekygirl63 TS Rookie Posts: 54

    I can't unzip the minidumps (think its an issue with this being my work computer). You have also noted that they seem to be crashing around the same time. You also have alot (I was going to use a more descriptive term that I use but it would be censored) of processes running. I don't think I have ever seen so many svchost processes running on a computer. Have you used msconfig to look at what is starting up on your computer? This might help you pair down the number of processes. I notice that limewire is running, (yes you did say this in post). What I mean is it must be running in the tray when not in active use. This keeps the peer to peer port sharing open and anyone can be accessing and downloading from his shared folder at anytime. When not using it, it really should be shutdown. It leaves the system very vulnerable to hacking.

    Also, you run AVG for antivirus. What time is it set to scan. Default is at 8am, but it will begin a scan as soon as a system is turned on if it missed an 8am scan. AVG, especially the newer version can be a real hog too.

  6. thaiassassin

    thaiassassin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    there are two schedules set up in says "test plan in basic mode" and was last run yesterday at 9am and it says it is for "all users" of this computer...and the other is "update plan in basic mode" and is for "current user only" and it ran last at 2:16pm yesterday..
    i dont believe i set up either of these plans and are likely default settings, i usually run avg manually when i use it...or manually on a downloaded file..

    i will check over the prossess. i know how to look each of them up online easily enough i believe to see what they are and can maybe get some of them shut down...
  7. thaiassassin

    thaiassassin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    a list of my startup programs see jpg

    here is a jpeg of the programs in my startup, which i use winaso to manage
    i have already in the past weeded out most junk...

    ill have to maybe go through the processes list manually and see what each of those are and why they are running?
    any particular ones of interest you recommend checking out?
  8. nobardin

    nobardin TS Rookie Posts: 256

    minidump 102208-01
    BUGCHECK_STR: 0xC5_2
    Probably caused by : ntkrpamp.exe

    The kernel attempted to access pageable memory (or perhaps completely invalid memory) when the IRQL was too high. The ultimate cause of this problem is almost certainly a driver that has corrupted the system pool.

    Possible solution: If you have recently installed any new software, check to see if it is properly installed, also check for updated drivers for your motherboard/hardware

    Minidump 102608-01, 102708-01
    Probably caused by : NETw4v32.sys

    This bug check is issued if paged memory (or invalid memory) is accessed when the IRQL is too high. The error that generates this bug check usually occurs after the installation of a faulty device driver, system service, or BIOS.

    Possible solution: The file NETw4v32.sys is an intel wireless lan driver. Update your wireless driver to the latest version.

    Minidump 102808-01
    Probably caused by : memory_corruption

    Possible solution: Download and run memtest from for a minimum of 7 passes. There are several tests performed per pass.

    Also you may want to download Ccleaner from scan your computer and fix the issues it finds.

    Download adaware from and scan your computer for any spyware/adware and such and remove it.

    Go here and scan your computer for viruses and vulnerabilities. That is a great free online virus/vulnerability scanner in my opinion.

    After you have performed all of the above mentioned please post back and let us know if the issue is resolved or not. If it isn't we will be more than happy to continue helping you to get these issues resolved.

    One last thing...please please please..uninstall is junk and as previously stated..
  9. geekygirl63

    geekygirl63 TS Rookie Posts: 54

    nobardin: Thanks for the info on the minidumps. I haven't been able to open minidumps that have been zipped here. as I recall I haven't been able to do it at home either. Two different OSs.

    Thanks for reinforcing the limewire issue. Many users don't understand the risks. I have had to have serious talks with parents and their kids about this problem. The bottom line is, if you can't afford to buy the music, you certainly can't afford the fines or the potential imprisonment.

    There is a good chance the system is infected for sure.

  10. thaiassassin

    thaiassassin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i tried all you recommended, running softwares, virus and such...still had a crash...i notice when my blue screen first comes up, it says something about driver and irql can't read the rest because it reboots too fast for me to read it...
    so thinking that it could be driver related, i already have updated video and sound drivers and yesterday i updated wireless driver, i will see how this goes, is there a way to keep the computer from rebooting so fast when you get a blue screen,, I thought i had read somewhere that you can... if you were not able to read my minidump files, do i need to find someone that can? it seems that those are the files that should contain the information i need to resolve this problem? or is this not right?.... ill keep you up to date if I have a crash again...
  11. nobardin

    nobardin TS Rookie Posts: 256

    I was able to read your minidump files just fine. If you will post back with the latest minidump files I will be more than happy to look them over for you. I hope we can get this issue resolved for you.
  12. thaiassassin

    thaiassassin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i went ahead and reformatted the computer and got done with it today so starting tomorrow we will see how it goes....i will keep you updated if I get any errors over the next two or three days... there are several wireless or lan upgrades for the laptop through toshibas website and i couldnt tell which one i even needed, they were not very clear... it was time to reformat the laptop anyway and this time i will do a acronisw image backup so if i have problems i can do a quick restore which i can do on my laptop,,,which is very nice..

    ill let ya know and thanks for the help so far.
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