Vista wireless network issue

By walderwambat
Jul 25, 2009
  1. I had two desktops (running XP) networked to the internet via a Belkin router. I also had 2 laptops (running Vista home premium) and 2 xbox 360's connected to the same router via 'Homeplug' adaptors. I have now replaced the router with a Belkin G Wireless router (model FSD7234). The desktops are still wired to the router and the laptops connected via wifi, as are the xbox 360's. All seems ok with that, the laptops log into the network easily, and the kids can print from the laptops (to the printers connected to the desktops) via wifi. I am having problems with an emachine laptop just bought which is running vista home basic. It is trying to force set up of the router from the laptop which I don't need as it has already been set up. I did try following the on screen instructions but it put security on and blocked access for all the other computers. If I ask it to'just connect' it doesn't give a chance to save but initially says it can't connect. if I connects!! So I can connect but its a long frustrating exercise which I can't repeat each time I log on, and there must be a way round it....Any ideas please as Ive spent 2 days trying to resolve this. Thanks in advance.
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