Visual Studio 2008 - missing msvcr90.dll

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I have a blocking problem with Visual Studio 2008.

I have a group of programs developed on my old computer, running Visual Studio 6 on XP. Now I have installed the latest and greatest Visual Studio 2008 on my new computer running Vista.

The install was OK and after some tweaking I can compile and link the programs, they are win32 console mode programs.

But when I try to run a program I get an error message saying that a DLL could not be found. In debug mode the DLL is msvcr90d.dll and in release mode it is msvcr90.dll. The suggested solution is to reinstall which I have tried w/o success.

Does anybody have a suggestion how to solve this problem?



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i had the same problem, while installing Quake 4 lol
it said something about Groove (the microsoft office software) and i just deleted Groove (which i dont use anyway) and it installed fine!

so what microsoft office do you have??
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