Vodafone unveils high-tech Booster Brolly, signal boosting umbrella


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UK network provider Vodafone has unveiled a new multi-purpose, signal boosting umbrella aimed at summer festival revelers that they say improves your phone signal, charges your phone, can be used as a torch and keeps you dry in the typical…

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Wish this would come in India, There is Vodafone in India also . I would be glad to use a signal boosting umbrella while going out of the house ! Great innovation ...


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If it doesn't include a lightning arrestor, your cancer worries will be the least of your problems.


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This looks like an Item that has multiple applications besides keeping the rain off you. With just a slight tweeking of its design, just invert the umbrella, you could have a cellphone booster that you can roll out on camping or hikeing trips. It will be interesting to see how far they go with this.


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So does this change your phone from a power cell in the Umbrella? Or does it charge using the wireless signals? Kind of like the way subs used to charge there batteries using long gain antenne and elf waves.

Zoltan Head

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Reminiscent of a trend when I was a lad (hey, wow man!) for pyramids made of card/styrofoam, which allegedly sharpened tomatos or ripened razors, if I remember correctly.
Probably works on the same principle.