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VPN Domain connection

By Joe Walton
Jan 12, 2010
  1. Hi,

    I have setup a VPN connection between 3 buildings using draytek routers a draytek vigor 2820 at the main site with 2 profiles for the other 2 buildings to dial in (the server is at the main site), at the other 2 buildings I have draytek vigor 2710 routers which are setup to dial out to the main router. So the (LAN to LAN) is setup and i can now type \\ and browse the server from the other 2 sites (after messing with firewall etc) but the main question is:

    Is there any way I can setup a pc from one of the other buildings to log onto the domain (asif it was actually in the building) i.e when the computer starts up I log onto the domain as a user (instead of locally and then browsing the files)

    Sorry if there is anything missing

    other details:

    The server is at the main site (server 2003 R2 sbs)
    all other computers are on Windows XP Pro SP3
    the buildings are within 1 mile of eachother (not that that has any impact)
    the main site is ip range 192.168.1.*
    the 2nd site is ip range 192.168.2.*
    and the 3rd is 192.168.3.*

    Thanks in advance

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