Vpu recovery radeon 9550 help

By trigrodge
Nov 28, 2008
  1. hi all
    i have recently upgraded my computer with a new mobo cpu and hard drive
    i re installed my radeon 9550 and installed the drivers from the disc
    but when i load fs2004 or pkr after about 10 mins it hangs and crashes to a black screen. then i get a message saying the vpu recovered because it wasnt responding to driver commands the crashes happen more frequently each time i try to reload application

    xp sp2
    amd athlon 3600 200hz
    2gig ddr ram
    biostar mobo
    radeon 9550 graphics card

    thanks in advance
  2. trigrodge

    trigrodge TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ps i am using the same power unit from my old computer and had no problems
    it has no fan on it the modo is a kv8..800 or something the card is 256 x8 agp
    i have the latest drivers
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