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W32/Heur Problems

By A1955Harley
May 17, 2009
  1. My computer is running AVG 8.5. It started giving me messages about w32/heur invasions.
    I am trying to follow the 8 step process to clean up this mess.
    Tried to run the virus scan. It keeps my cpu at 100%.
    After running it for 6 hours it still had not finished processing the C drive system items.
    When I stopped the scan it had 36 items it had found and all were the same W32/heur.
    Any suggestions on what to do next. It will take days to runs the complete virus scan at this rate. My computer has 6 hard drives on it. The physical hard drives are broke up into 15 different drives. Some of the drives have programs on them the rest are for storage of music, video, and installation programs.
    What do you think I should do next...........need some massive help. I don't want to keep running the machine if it is going to infect more stuff. How can I avoid that?
    Will the PC install all the help software with this virus??
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