Wall Wart (power adapter) Specs for Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus

By B00kWyrm
May 4, 2009
  1. In a hasty move, my power adapter was separated from the OneTouch,
    and now I am having difficulty identifying the correct one for my drive.

    Often the specs are printed on the exterior of the peripheral as well as the Wall Wart... and that makes matching easy...
    But Maxtor did not do this with the drive.
    And, I have not been able to complete the process of elimination... (more wall warts than peripherals)

    So ... Does anyone here know the specs?
    (Voltage, and Amps (or mA), and whether it is positive or negative at the center?)
    I have searched in vain with Google... and (maybe I overlooked it, but) could not find it by trying to go to Maxtor...

    Again, this is for a Maxtor, OneTouch 4Plus (500GB)
    Model STM305004OTA3E5-RK
    (External Hard Drive for PC and Mac, USB 2.0 and Firewire)

    Thanks in advance!

    Found information: :grinthumb
    Now I feel dumb... :eek: I have searched for weeks for this... and 5 minutes after posting my note, I find it...
    SYS1308-2412-W2 (12v, 2A, Center+) By Sunny

    Oh well, maybe my question will help someone else, or maybe the mods would rather just delete? Okay if so.
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