Want to buy a new laptop with Ubuntu preinstalled who and where?


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It is time for a new computer and after searching (including here) can't find listing. Even though the search says Ubuntu I keep coming up with W10 in the specs. I want Ubuntu installed and certified. I'd also like the source to be one that contributes to Techspot. I haven't used Techspot that much but the help has always been first rate and professional.

I've been using HP 2000s for the last 10 years and the latest is out of date for sure. I'm fond of the AMD processor and usually try to max the memory. I mostly use it as a terminal on the web but do occasionally do some photo editing. I'd like all the IO to be the latest. If someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

Thanks Larry


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Thanks LNCPapa, but I find Dell has the same problem I ran into when searching for a Lenovo laptop. Dell and Lenovo both make it known that they have computers with Ubuntu installed. When I followed your link I thought the 5520 looked good. Looking at the spec.s the OS is W10 and no alternative. I'll have call Dell. Surely there must be a price difference if no license fees.

Best Larry


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Wouldn't it make life far easier to just opt for any laptop and format or setup dual boot with Ubuntu afterwards it's a short process and can surely avoid you lots of trouble trying to find the right model.


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It is more than installation how well have the video, WIFI, and other peripherals been integrated into the OS. I have been using HP laptops with varying degrees of success over the years. I have installed dual boot on several of the laptops and invariability Windoze always gets ignored. I've had several devices fail recently the keyboard and monitor. I bought a Logitech keyboard with Cherry switches unfortunately the ebay seller didn't mention it was for windoze only because there is no setup otherwise but that is really off topic. The new Viewsonic monitor says set the resolution to 1920x1080 which I did. Now it appears that what I've always thought was the video hogging resources problem is gone. The video has always at times been slow and the mouse cursor position was slow to find the correct position is gone. I've always attributed this to the video being calculated to the 15' laptop screen and short vertical height.

It does appear that Linux is not enjoying the popularity that it ounce did. The cheapest Dell I was quoted was ove a thousand and at Lenovo a Linux install couldn't be found. I did buy a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad x131e with Zorin installed a linux window look a like. I was not impressed with with Zorin nor refurbished. Refurbished no longer means what it used to beware.

al davis

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Just spent several hours searching for a desktop with Linux. Same problem as poster above, most if not all searches lead to Win10 OS with no Linux options. All I find for real are minor minor minor players and not too sure I care to chance that. Seem Linux is about dead for desktop applications.


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Having tried Linux as a virtual OS on my computer I found Windows to be far superior. I haven't booted Linux in years. Unless you are an experienced and devoted fan I'd reconsider.

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