'Watch Dogs' hit with login issues and more on launch day

Shawn Knight

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In what's become the norm with each new blockbuster game release, those attempting to play the just-released Watch Dogs are experiencing a myriad of issues ranging from trouble with authentication services to being unable to connect to Uplay - Ubisoft's...

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Tbh I havent had that at all, I have had the occasional crash but thats about it and the game bluescreened not my pc but the game... had to reset pc as task manager couldnt get rid xD


Schadenfreude isn't part of my normal psyche, but I find something unusually amusing about a game premised on creating technical issues suffering from technical issues.


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And this is one of the main reasons why I'll never buy a newly released game, ever. I'll wait till **most of** the bugs are sorted out and it goes on sale then I'll step in, that's only if I feel the game is worthwhile playing of course. Pre release incentives be damned.


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I started playing 1 min after release due to making a uPlay account, no issues from then to now.


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It's Ubisoft - one could bet money that SOMETHING will fail on any modern launch.

It isn't like AAA games are new to them, but they prove the opposite on big launch days.