Watch Google’s robot dog play with a real dog

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Mar 1, 2016
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  1. Watch Google’s robot dog play with a real dog
    By Zach Epstein8 hours ago

    robots trick us into letting our guard down by acting all cute and playful. Then the next thing you know, bam! Skynet becomes sentient and we’re battling real-life Terminators.

    OK, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit. Instead of panicking, let’s all just sit back, relax, and watch this adorable video of Google’s robot dog “Spot” playing with a real dog. Isn’t it cute? Aren’t they having so much fun together? Yup, this is exactly what the robots want…

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    All joking aside, this video is as incredible as it is adorable. Google’s “Spot” is a robotic dog that we’ve seen appear in a number of videos before. This, however, is by far the greatest video we’ve ever seen of Spot. In fact, it might just be the greatest video of all time.

    In the video, we can see Spot prancing around, doing what Spot does. But all the while, a real dog — a terrier who belongs to Android cofounder Andy Rubin — runs around barking and playing with Spot. The flesh and blood pup is a bit tentative at times, but ultimately we think the two could end up being best friends.

    Also, aside from the cuteness factor, watching a dog play with a robot is far more enjoyable than watching a bunch of humans abuse a robot.

    The video is embedded below.

    And here’s another new video of Spot walking around, checking out the parking lot:

    This is what I want for my next computer case.
  2. entrycoupling

    entrycoupling TS Enthusiast Posts: 48

    Awesome! I won't be surprise anymore with the technology nowadays. Well, its entertaining to watch a robot acting as playful like a real dog.

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