Watch the 2015 Nintendo World Championships finale

By Shawn Knight
Jun 15, 2015
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  1. Nintendo announced last month that it was bringing back its one-off Nintendo World Championships gaming tournament after a 25 year hiatus. Contestants would compete at select Best Buy stores across the country with the regional qualifiers advancing to the next round and so on.

    The finale took place yesterday at E3 in which the field was narrowed down from 15 contestants to just two: Cosmo Wright and John Numbers.

    The duo competed in a series of custom-made Super Mario Bros. levels built in the style of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World in hopes of building a time advantage in the final game.

    In hindsight, the 2015 Nintendo World Championships ended up being a giant advertisement for Mario Maker (recently rebranded as Super Mario Maker). That’s alright, however, as it was immensely entertaining to watch the two finalists duke it out – so much so that I wouldn’t mind seeing Nintendo make this an annual event.

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  2. WangDangDoodle

    WangDangDoodle TS Addict Posts: 199   +71

    I don't really get why people waste their time watching other people play games (or sports for that matter). I started jumping through this video just to see how dumb a Nintendo WC could get, and I ended up wishing I had my fridge stocked with beer after watching a few minutes of those custom Mario levels. Hilarious! :D

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