Watch these kids react to the original Nintendo Game Boy

Shawn Knight

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The latest episode in the Kids React series asks children and young teens to voice their opinion on Nintendo's original Game Boy. And as we've seen in other clips from the Fine Bros, kids are certainly good for some witty one-liners...

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I've seen a few of these "Kids react to Technology" episodes and some reactions are kinda exaggerated, plus they always show technology to the same kids, which questions the authenticity of the reactions. It's not a random experiment using different kids. What we had (or wished for) back in the 80's and 90's, we look at them with some amount of nostalgia, because we grew up with them, the kids today look at it as weird tech. I think 30+ years from now if they did the same experiment using today's technology they would react like we do now.
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These kids just don't know what they're missing, no good games you say? Well I say all the new era games are trash, or simple money grabs. Back in the day games were done to sell and be enjoyed for hours and DAYS! not a simple 1 hour play through and on to something else. The attention span of kids these days is disgustingly short, also the inability to insert a game cartridge into the Game Boy and then turn it on, honestly? I had my first Game Boy at the age of 6 and had no issues working the thing. Just makes me feel sad for this generation of kids who are so lost when it comes to anything that isn't a god damn iPad.