Watch these Mario Kart fans race through a shopping mall on Razor Crazy Carts

Shawn Knight

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What happens when you take a group of Mario Kart fanatics, equip them with Razor Crazy Carts (which are insanely cool, by the way) and set them loose in a London shopping mall (uninvited)? If you answered loads of fun, you're right.

That's exactly what takes place in the clip above. The impromptu Mario Kart race played out at Westfield in London, much to the dismay of local security. If you haven't already checked out the clip or seen Crazy Carts in action, it's certainly worth a watch (even if it doesn't have a ton of virtual effects edited in).

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TS Evangelist
Hopefully they didn't get fined too badly. Also glad that no body got hurt.

Those things aside, it was AWESOME. The video editing must have been a pain though.