Way to change an ip address often?

By althekillr
Sep 6, 2008
  1. I have a java scrpit program that runs the script and pulls data off a website for my business. The script inputs an id number, and then extracts the info to an excel spreadsheet for me. I'm running it every 15 mintues automatically, and runs about 100 id#'s per run. Just recently the website i guess is getting sick of my script, and has blocked my ip address. and I've used other ip addresses and seems they will allow 20 searches before then block the ip address.

    I was wondering is there a software program that will block or send a fake ip address to their log. Or any other ideas people have. Will dial up service change the ip address every time? I also have th need to run this off my sprint WWAN card on my laptop when I'm on the road, and I'm assuming that ip is fixed.
    If I can find a software program that will change my ip address every time, then I can set up the software to run 14 at a time, just under the limit.

    Thanks for any input, not sure if this is the right forum here, if not please feel free to move it.
  2. jobeard

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    HUM; Highly suspicious imo. You are webcrawling websites and pulling down information en Mass.

    I'll only contribute that you need to reduce the number of sites you sample per run
    and even then, wait several seconds between each request.

    Your IP address is controlled by the ISP from which you get service.
    no further comments from me on this subject ...
  3. althekillr

    althekillr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for reply and the comment on highly suspicios is fair enough as I'm starting to google more about this. not too computer savvy here, but on the comment above on webcrawling( I don't even know what that means but I can assume) I'd have to say I'm not doing that. My javascript is just pulling the information off one specific website. So i guess when I'm running every 15 mintues they see thousands of hits from my ip address, when most people get 10 or 20 they are not liking it.

    So ill explain a little more about my biz and hopefully it will make sense. I puchase certain items at auction, but unlike ebay where it lists all items for sale in a clear and concise list format, you have to track each item individually on the website. So you have to type in an item number to see status of bid, and what the reserve is and otherdetails. So most people only track what they want 1 or 2 items. My business is to track all of them, buy ones that sell at a discount and resell. So my script types in each item number for every item might start with 200 for this auction, and dwindle down as I delete items that sold or that I don't want. The program updates me on any new bids or info that come up for these, by inputting each auction lot number and extracting all data for me. And I run every 15 mins to see what's good and any new changes. Hope this helps. I've changed the facts around a bit to protect my business but that is the jist of it. If this is not enough clarification to where u still might think I'm using this as a scamming device or something id be happy to elaborate more here or by pm if someone can help me.
    My computer guy says I might be able to use a proxy server or some program that hides the ip address or something and just wnated some more info. but the guy the originally wrote the spript for me is long gone and the people I'm asking I believe are lower level guys. I"m actually looking for a javaprogrammer to expand this onto other websites so I can expand my business but I"m havning a hard time tryig to find someone.

    Thanks again fir any help
  4. althekillr

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    can I also ask why should the program wait a few seconds between each request? I just don't know too much about this stuff and would like to understand more.

    My current computer guy says how they are catching on to my running script is they are checking the log, or having some script check the log for repeated ip addresses. And I don't understand why they site won't like this because they are actually getting higher bid prices for their items, but I guess he says it is slowing their website down when i do this.

    thanks again for any input.
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