WD 320GB problems

By mustafanisar
Jan 30, 2011
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  1. I have WD 320 GB external hard disk with lot of Data; was working fine with Windows 7 . But now as I connect it to laptop after a small search it asks me the Question, "DO YOU want to format the disk?" Do anyone has solution for this.
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    this might sound daft..but the cable you connect it with, try another one, in my experience ive seen these cables work with a printer but not a hard drive and work with some hard drives and not others, some say they are all cabled the same but i can tell ya that ive got various cables that all look the same but whilst one works with my tomtom satnav it wont work with a 2.5" hdd that i have.

    even if its the original cable try another.

    then come back and let us know, its a bad chance that the partition table is screwed up but im betting its the cable.
  3. mustafanisar

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    320 GB WD Problem COntinues..

    Dear Thanks for the Solution of cable problem; but the same cable works for other Hard disks. so it's confirmed that it is not cable problem. But on any other computer after pluging in; computer shows clearly; the name and details of the Hard disk; but after 1 -3 minutes it says do u want to format? Yes or No.

    Can it be any boot sector Virus??? If not can data be recovered with Data Recovery Software??
    I have lot of Important data in it.
    Please help
    Thank You in Anticipation

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