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By pythasdelema
Aug 17, 2011
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  1. have a WD hard drive WD 2500Me passport HDD , some reasons its not been recognized on any of the pcs in the house.
    Please could one help with softwares as lost the manufacturer disc and WD website not helping at all. or any advice got most of my works on it
  2. lopdog

    lopdog TS Maniac Posts: 295

    Just in case, you could try to reboot your computer with the hdd plugged in, to see if it makes any difference.
    Is the hdd recognized by Disk Management (Start-Run "diskmgmt.msc")?
    If you boot your computer with the hdd plugged in, is it recognized by your BIOS?
    Another option is that it's not getting enough power from your USB port, some external hdds come with two USB cables, one for power and one for data transfer.

    There is also a chance that your hdd is dead.
  3. sethbest

    sethbest TS Enthusiast Posts: 79

    The passport drives can be very delicate, and its not uncommon to get one that is broken or breaks soon after purchase. WD has a very reliable RMA system that is usually good for at least a year, but if its recently purchased you might want to try returning to the store or vendor you bought it from as then you may not have to pay shipping.

    If you have another usb cable I would try that first. Opening it up and seeing if the drive has become disconnected is a possability, but would void the warrantee so I would advise against it.

    Since it is not detected on multiple systems its likely not software issue. Note that some external drives show up as cd drives until you install their security software.

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