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Webcam issue

By tammylynn58
May 20, 2009
  1. i recentely bought a gigaware web cam from radio chack,,,,but somethings wrong when i first installed it last week it worked fine,now i t saying not connected,,,,,,,,,,dosent make any sinse and i cant find the program disk,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    Hello Tammy...
    In your system tray... lower right corner of your screen, you should see an icon for safely removing hardware. This allows you to disconnect your hardware (like drives, especially, without loss of data). I believe if you right click on the icon, you should see your camera listed. If so, no worries... do nothing yet.

    Next, check your connected devices...
    Right click on "My Computer", Click on "Properties", Click on "Hardware" tab, click on "Device Manager" button. See if your web camera is listed in your devices anywhere, and see if there is any kind of warning symbol (a red "x" or yellow triangle). If your device is listed without any warnings, no problems... do nothing yet.

    Next check running Services... (there are other ways, but this works just as well...)
    Go to Control Panel. Click on Administrative Tools. Click on Services. Scroll down to "Windows Image Acquisition"... Is this Started, or is it disabled?

    Report your findings, and we will go from there.
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