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Oct 19, 2009
  1. Hi,I have tried to install Webshots Desktop but every time it attempts to install i get this error message.Access to registry key HKEY CLASSES ROOT RECORD is denied,plus alot of things about win32.Any idea how i can resolve this.Regards Martin.:confused:
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    Never, ever use any registry cleaners.
  4. username123

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    If you are going to put that kind of doom and gloom rubbish out there, you need to at least back that up with something TANGIBLE.

    Frankly, I've never had any problems with registry cleaners--if you back up the registry (which I should have added to my original post) there shouldn't be any problems you can't recover from. I've used Eusing over 20 times without issue, I wouldn't recommend it otherwise; it's a lot more thorough, than CCleaner which everyone seems to be in love with.
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    Registry cleaners are not recommended for two main reasons:
    1. Registry cleaning will NOT bring any visible gain to your computer performance. If the result is cutting your boot time by 0.5 sec, it's not worth the trouble listed in #2
    2. One wrong registry entry removed and your computer ends up not bootable and you're facing Windows reinstall.

    Note. If you're very experienced computer user, if you review every single registry entry, which is about to be removed, if you understand every single registry entry (I don't; many, yes, but not all of them), it you care about cutting booting time by 0.5 sec, feel free to use registry cleaners.
    I've been working with computers for 22+ years and I never used any registry cleaners, nor recommended them.
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    Ring-a-ding-ding, I've also been repairing computer for over 20 years, and I disagree with your position. It's not about shaving seconds; it's about system maintenance. That's how you keep your system from crashing: downloading security updates, cleaning house, and a periodic drive defraging. (Let me guess, that's pointless too.)

    You do not need the the registry keys of every piece of lousy software, you ever installed and uninstalled, bloating your registry. Some of these programs leave well over 20 registry keys that do nothing but bloat the registry; that's beside all the folders and files left behind by many of them.

    The system registry is a bonzai not a junkyard. Just like Thunderbird 1 and 2.0--after about a 1000 or so emails you start having parsing issues and the next thing you know your inbox is corrupted.

    Download revouninstaller, and then USE it to uninstall some of your programs and see how much crap is left behind: registry entries, folders and files. Actually, use it to uninstall an instant messenger. (LOL)

    It's 2010, times have changed and the software has vastly improved since the days of Yor. A monkey can maintain the registry with the right tools--without needing to know a whole lot; eusing and revouninstaller create backups too.

    This is just basic system maintenance in my opinion. You tune-up your car to prevent problems. You don't drive the hell out of and then pay a staggering repair bill; you pay a little for the tune-up so you don't have to pay a lot for the transmission or a new engine.

    I haven't destroyed a registry since Windows 3.0, by the way.
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    You're surely entitled to your opinion. It's a free world :)
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