Weekend game deals: 86% off QuakeCon Pack, 50% off Brink


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Well, I have good news and bad news for myself. The good news is I can't buy any of these this weekend (like I need more games). The bad news is I can't buy anything because my home, custom-built PC went belly-up two days ago and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. :(


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Sunday morning went to turn it on and it would run for about 4 seconds then shut down. Then about another 4 seconds later it would fire up and run for 4 seconds and then shut down again. Continuously did that. First I replaced the power supply and that didn't change anything. Then I replaced the MOBO (and what a royal pain in the rear that is - almost like doing a new build from scratch) and now the on/off cycling is gone, but it won't POST. I've yanked every non-essential item out of it plus swapped out RAM in every available slot just trying to get it to POST with zero luck. Finally gave up and took it to a reputable hobbyist shop this morning. They have more tools to work with than I do. But I'm afraid that the only thing left is the possibility of a bad CPU. :(


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did you check your Power On button ? sometimes it gets stuck.. weird as it reads it happens


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I heard brink has had lots of compatibility problems with ATI gpus, Do a bit of research before you part with your hard earned cash.


Burnout is not $5.00, it's $20.00 unless theres something I am missing.