Weekend game deals: Skyrim $7, Tomb Raider $10, XCOM Declassified $12


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Valve's winter event is still a week or two out but you could get just as carried away with impulse buys elsewhere this weekend. Highlights include Skyrim for $7.49 at Amazon, BioShock Infinite for $9.99 at GamersGate, Tomb Raider for...

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LOL...well, I see from my games list that I already have it (apparently from some sale in the past) and just haven't got around to playing it yet. Will have to put it in the queue.


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I've played LA Noire (have yet to finish all the cases) and it's really good. But it kinda needed a bit more optimizations for the PC ^_^ .
Theme Hospital is also tons of fun. Even if it looks a bit old it's still the best in the Theme series.


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And the Legendary edition is listed as $35.99 instead of $20.39 - what is the deal? Were these prices only good for a couple of hours on Friday or what?


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How Skyrim has fallen... Although Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite did more quickly. They are both on my list of games to own, but since I hardly play on my PC I'm not going to buy them right now.