Weekend Open Forum: Do you prefer single or multiplayer gaming?

Shawn Knight

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The video game industry as a whole has evolved more than I could have ever imagined since I got started with the NES back in the mid 1980s. Back then the concept of multiplayer didn’t even exist. If you wanted...

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Single. Although it's fun to play along with others at times, trying to get a good group together and find the right times to play can be a royal pain. And don't even get me started on what a nightmare MMORPG's can be with cheaters and grief players. I just want to click the game icon and go at my own pace.


If it aint got multiplayer or co op.. I don't buy it ...

AI is bawls..


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Single Player hands down. Multiplayer is boring, monotonous and never ending. Although some people like it for the infinite amount of play time. The thing is, games are remembered for how great the storylines are, Half Life for example, whereas games like CoD and Battlefield's reputations are only going down the drain.

But like always, there are exceptions to this rule - AI algorithms can never live up to the creativity and unpredictability of a human player. Games like Little Big Planet, League of Legends, and RTS/RTT, where there is a distinctive way in which an AI will move, and a human will move.

Multiplayer shooters are boring and monotonous and completely lost innovation.
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Alpha Gamer

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Single player, any day of the week. Unless it's a game in which single and multiplayer can blend seamlessly, like the one designed for Dark Souls.
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I prefer single but over the last few years I have been introduced to multi-player games and slowly getting used to them as well. Even with the multi-player games, I tend to stick to myself though.


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I think this a really unappropriate question, on the same level with ati vs nvidia, bf vs cod, porsche vs ferrari and so on......
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All the multiplayer games out there, it's hard to not like those as that's been the main selling point for nearly all of them the past few years. I do get mad when I come across a very good racing game that's single player -_- (nfs hot pursuit(2010).

"Multiplayer shooters are boring and monotonous and completely lost innovation."
Don't be jelly because you do so poorly :p
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Online Multiplayer and Co-op Multiplayer.
I prefer online MP because you are against actual people and not AI. And for the stats and rankings.


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Single-Player and MMO PvE.

I enjoy the story telling side of gaming. How it's like controlling a movie.


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Multiplayer for sure. For some reason I feel like I am wasting time when I try and play a single player game. Maybe its because I enjoy multiplayer games with friends so it incorporates game play with socializing ;)


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I prefer single player. It doesn't mean I won't ever play multiplayer. It only means I prefer single.


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Both. It's important for a game to have both singleplayer and online play to attract me fully, unless it's CS of course.


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I prefer single layer or coop play. It would be magic if more developers created coop campaigns that rivaled some of the best single player. An experience that dynamically could handle multiple characters. Left 4 Dead moves into that direction. It would be great to have a fantasy game of the same ilk.