Weekend Open Forum: Have you met anyone famous?

Shawn Knight

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I got to meet Scott McNealy at a keynote speech.

His son's go to my school so... yeah, bound to meet some famous people there.


depends what's considered famous? my brother edited all of the back to the future movies. i've had friends that played pro basketball, and met quite a few players and coaches. road on team buses to and from the arenas, including the nba all star team bus.
i know a few local radio and tv personalities.



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Being in the hospitality industry you tend to meet a fair number of famous people. Mostly business or media (singer/songwriter/producer/film etc.). Outside of the work enviroment I once met and shared a short limo ride with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in London after he played at the Town & Country Club ( 1987 I think)


"depends what's considered famous? my brother edited all of the back to the future movies."

I had watched the first one like 20 times.


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I've met quite a few celebrities actually. I met Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) at a book signing when I was about 8 years old.

I met Pierce Brosnan when I worked IT for the BMW plant in South Carolina (he was there for a party after one of his James Bond movies).

I sat across from Robert Goulet on an airplane a couple years before he died (RIP). Really nice guy, with great taste in vodka (he bought me a drink).

I also sat across from Al Franken and his blueberry of a spoiled brat son on an airplane about 9 years ago. Al Franken is an effing prick. Unfortunately his son will grow up to be just like him.

I met Don Rickles briefly after a show in Las Vegas in the late 90's. Very personable guy, and a true character.

I saw Nicholas Cage at a grocery store in New Orleans, but I didn't bother him other than to say hello.

I used to live 2 streets down from Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt in the New Orleans French Market (though I never actually saw them there once in the 2.5 years I lived there, and I walked down their street to my favorite restaurant almost every day).

I wouldn't actually call her a celebrity, but I shared a skybox with Clint Black's wife at a football game in Houston. (Back in the days of the Astrodome).

I think that about does it.

edit: I met, and raced against, Mark Martin at a Dave & Busters in Atlanta. He was there checking out a new 8 person Nascar game as a publicity stunt. I didn't beat him, but a 12 year old kid sitting next to me did. :D


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As i'm living in Belgium (Europe), i don't get to meet a lot of American celibrities.

However, a couple months ago i got back from France with my gf, we went eating to a small cheap restaurant, known in Brussels for its excellent "Stoemp" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoemp).

I sat next to Jean-Claude Van Damme, who apparently goed eating there every time when he visits his mom, who still lives in Brussels.

Nice guy actually! Very modest, when some guys asked an autograph (i didn't try, respecting his privacy), he directly responded in French, went on the photo and made conversation with us.


I rode a rollercoaster at an amusment park in Ohio with Lebron James a few seats ahead of me! But I guess this isn't the "have you met any deuchbags" thread though is it....


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I met Geddy Lee once while I was in Toronto. I think if you hang out on Bloor street enough you're pretty much guaranteed to run into him at some point.


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I shook hands with Muhmmad Ali in Jackson MS. in 1986 at a Medgar Evers Blues Festival...I haven't washed my hand since..


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I met Linford Christie in my gym... he looked even bigger in real life than on TV. Also met Peter Andre in a Mayfair hotel, didn't try to talk to him though, he had quite a few ladies around him posing for pics.


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I worked at NBC for 24 years and met my share of stars. I was very good friends with legendary NBC announcers Bob Teague.and Howard Reig, both class acts. While most stars where friendly, my pick for the biggest piece of crap had to be OJ Simpson. He was rude and totally obnoxious while there. Comedian Bill Murray was another difficult person to deal with. Tito Puente's daughter Audrey, now a New York Meteorologist was sweet as candy. Favorite moment was when I put my daughter in Duane "The Rock" Johnson's make up room and he showed up and surprised her before appearing on Conan O'brien. She was totally blown away. My division was phased out 2 years ago and I no longer work there.


I now Salma Hayek since age 8..she is from coatzacoalcos ver...my Home City...i now her before the brest implants and everything else jajajajajaja


I go to church with Don Bebe and his family. Very loving Christian family.


I met Phil Katz (of PKZip fame) many years ago in Chicago at a trade show, quirky but, a very nice guy...


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Met tiger woods once, he lives about a quarter miles from me in Islesworth. Showed up on the 15th hole in a small helicopter.


I've met myself and I'm not famous yet, but will be very famous one day.

this website = ?


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have met and talked to snoop dog in OKC when i was working at the ford center as security when i was 18 years old he was pretty cool and also met the guys from the RHCPs they were great. Also have met all the guys from Seether and Rise against after a concert where the signed my hat and a shirt and i got to shake there hands pretty cool stuff.


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Working for MGM in the 70's, I met too many to mention. The only ones that stand out were the holier than thou ones. The majority were good people though.


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I've had lunch with Harry Connick Jr., was in a jam session with Maynard Ferguson, and I don't know if this counts or not, but I have a cousin who has starred in PSA videos for Lifeway, and has starred in 2 or 3 music videos for rising country artists.