Weekend Open Forum: Show off a picture of your computer desk


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For many of us, our offices and bedrooms are our sanctuaries. Sure, we might have to work there, but it's also where we wind down and relax.

A computer desk is often a reflection of its owner in some way. As for me, I fall somewhere between the "neat freak" and "I couldn't care less" categories. While I try to keep my desk fairly organized for the most part, there are days where I'm more concerned with how many cans of Monster I can down than I am with keeping things neat and presentable.

Regardless of how attractive (or not) your desk might be, we'd love to see it. Feel free to post a picture of your setup below and include any relevant details you believe are important.

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Those headphones cost more than my entire computer and desk. I will take a picture later, but if I took one now and post it I would be quarantined.