In the world of computer storage, solid-state drives have stolen the limelight when it comes to performance. It seems incredible to think that in a one year span manufacturers are almost doubling the performance of their drives, with some of them now reaching insane ~500MB/s read speeds. But SSDs are still far from becoming mainstream. If you are looking for raw capacity at a price that won't break the bank, you'll still need a good old hard disk drive.

Thankfully these platter-based devices have come a long way in terms of areal density and cost per GB, enough to satisfy our always-growing storage needs. Just head to your favorite retailer and you'll be able to score a 3.5-inch desktop hard disk drive with 2TB capacity for around $80 and a 3TB model starting at $140.

In this Weekend Open Forum we want to ask you: How much storage capacity is in your primary PC? You can elaborate on any external storage solution you have in place to support your main rig. Also, as a bonus for those of you who have been in this for a while, do you remember how much storage capacity was in your first computer?