Weekend Open Forum: What do you want for Christmas?


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Alright folks, it's crunch time. There's less than two months (49 days for those counting) until Christmas morning, and we know many of you are scrambling for gift ideas -- we are too. It can be nearly impossible to find the perfect present for that special geek in your life and we hope to ease the process with our annual holiday gift guide. Due to be published by mid-November, the guide includes many of today's coolest gadgets and electronics spanning all budgets.

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TechSpot Chancellor
What do I want for Christmas? Well, winning the lottery would be nice. :D

But if not that, I'll take a Dell UltraSharp U3011 30" monitor, thanks. :)


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Well if anyone wants to... Was my birthday oct 30 and xmas is coming up. I could sure use a used iphone to replace my pre :)

Brock Samson

TS Rookie
A new wife.

Seriously a new wife... but I would also take a 3g ipad. Flight control is so addicting!!!

More time in the bathroom!!!


TS Evangelist
A motherboard/CPU/ram combo would be niccceeee...
But on the cheaper side, a raid controller card would be nice because software raid sucks...


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I'd love an Amd 6970!, but probably won't get one... So I'll just get myself a new case, maybe one of those HAF...


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A good job, then a Dell UltraSharp U3011 30" monitor provided its as beautiful a display as the big huge 28 or 30" Mac LCDs are.


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Well my wife and I are playing around the idea of getting a nice 50 inch plasma for Christmas, but me personally I could go for a new graphics card or maybe an ssd ;)


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A decent looking, good performing mini itx case/motherboard/processor/ram combo so I can finally rebuild my xbmc pc.


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I want a girlfriend whose name doesn't end in .jpg..... Oh, and an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!


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God I fail... I should have read the comments before posting... Gwailo beat me to the punch.


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I will be spending the time i have left with my family, on January 4th, i will be going to basic training for the US Army.


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How about a full driving simulator equipped with a g25 wheel, pedals and shifter; full force feedback via pnuematics and hydraulics with full rotational axis rails that can complete 360 degree movements in every direction and multi point suspension emulation. All topped off with 3 monitors inside running in eyefinity one front and two sides for periphereal view and with full dash gauges mounted physically all scripted to run in rigs of rods and any other racing/driving open sourced/closed source game.


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hmmm well i would say either a xbox 360 250gb (slim) with or without kinect OR a gaming laptop OR .....dont really know thats basically it......but Im not realy a Christmas guy,,,,


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Odd as it may seem, I'm perfectly happy with my life. Not really missing out on anything. Sure, upgrades are thrilling but I think I'll miss a proper family dinner most.

Anyone else here 17?

Got a $80 pair of Pioneer headphones that I've been saving up and I feel it's christmas already X)