Weekend Open Forum: Your favorite music and streaming sources


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Leeky as always, you are free to remove as much of my material as you feel appropriate.

If that deprives me of the last word, so be it. It should take away the argument for continuance of an issue. Yet, if a post is removed because it is deemed offensive, that must, of necessity, also remove the provocation and reply.

So, I'm as good with those outcomes, as any other.

As far as a sizable portion of Hip Hip and Rap music are concerned, I don't stream it all all. You couldn't pay me to take it away. The reason for that it simple, I find the racial epithets, sexism, violence, and profanity, pointless.and offensive.
I'm well entitled to that opinion, under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The above quoted paragraph not only answers the direct question asked by the thread topic, it gives basis for my opinions. Accordingly, it meets forum guidelines.

I'm not actually arguing "musical taste" as I've been accused. I can't abide opera, yet as far as I'm concerned, if an individual so chooses, it can be listened to from dawn to drop, at any volume they desire. Much of modern jazz is inaccessible to me as well. It doesn't have a malicious point or purpose, so knock yourself out with that also.

The problem arises here when people attempt to inflict their opinion on me. It's your opinion, please keep it. There isn't a force or fear that will make it my opinion..

Rap music in its most severe forms, is all about shouting other people down. That doesn't really fly on paper.
You don't really see many warning labels on any other type of music besides rap, cautioning parents against the onslaught of profanity their children would be exposed to, should the seal be broken, and the "music" actually played.
The above quoted partial paragraph is fact, not my opinion, so it's difficult to understand why I should be censored about, or challenged on, that either.


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My favorite bands are Between the Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders (virtuoso guitarist, who is ... black), August Burns Red, and Texas in July. I will listen to pretty much anything except for today's country. It's just so, blah. Love Lady Gaga... and her support for the LGTB community.

Uhmmmm, mainly stream with Pandora or Youtube.


Instrumental music aaand Pink Floyd! :D
I'm definitely on the same boat... I really like Incubus, especially the 4 movements they recorded for the soundtrack of Halo 2. I think I downloaded a torrent of that. I also listen to a lot of jazz like John Zorn and Chris Potter... I usually buy their CD's though, or get them at iTunes.
However (if you like instrumental music and Pink Floyd), you MUST listen to this band... they're from Mexico.
They're called La Especialidad de la Casa you can download their first album here:
(the password is "nodata.tv")
nodata.tv is also a pretty fine site to download new music, a lot of nice independent bands!
Cheers! :)