Weekend Open Forum: Your last game purchase

By Matthew · 95 replies
Oct 30, 2009
  1. It's no secret that tech enthusiasts enjoy playing video games, and the holiday season typically brings some of the year's greatest titles. A few weeks back we created a list of PC games we're most excited about for the fourth quarter and beyond, and yesterday robortwillys, a recent member of our community opened this similarly themed forum topic that we thought deserved a little more attention.

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  2. Deso

    Deso TS Rookie Posts: 125

    Last game I purchased was C&C 3, and I've loved every minute of playing it. I do have too say those that the best game from C&C is still Red Alert 2, that game was epic and I frequently find myself wanting to play it again. Next game I'm planning to buy is probably the next Half-Life 2 title or the next Dead Space title.
  3. Technochicken

    Technochicken TechSpot Paladin Posts: 729

    I almost never buy games, and I think the only game I have ever bought myself was Star Wars Battlefront II, probably 5 or 6 years ago. I'm really out of it as far as current games are concerned.
  4. pomonasi

    pomonasi TS Rookie Posts: 32

    without considering Steam purchases, last game i have bought at a store with a retail packaging would be Diablo 2 & LOD. Just loved the play of the game with a variety of characters and items. Recently, I went back to play some more and it was still playable with quite a bit of others still on Battle.net playing the game. Which brings me to say: Starcraft must have THE longest playability with thousands of people still playing the d*mn thing online. pretty impressive for a game that was out 11 years ago...
  5. InsaneVr6

    InsaneVr6 TS Booster Posts: 221

    The last game I bought was Prototype. Great game but it ran kinda slow on my hardware (9500GT with pentium dual core 2.0gz). None the less it wasn't where I couldn't play the game, just had to make sure it was the only thing running haha.

    My next purchase will be COD: Modern Warfare 2, but that will be for 360. Can't wait!!
  6. Xclusiveitalian

    Xclusiveitalian TS Evangelist Posts: 714   +75

    The last game I bought for PC was Killing floor for $20. I def feel I got more than my money's worth out of the game. It's not hard to run and is very addictive. The devs of killing floor support for the game is beyond amazing, they are always releasing patches and fixes. Aren't zombie games just plain fun?
  7. Cueto_99

    Cueto_99 TS Booster Posts: 248   +12

    Well... being a soccer fan, my last purchase was FIFA 09... That was like 6 months ago... but my next buy will surely be Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... Those are the kind of games you never stop playing :)
  8. The last game I've bought was Rainbow Six: Vegas.
  9. buttus

    buttus TS Enthusiast Posts: 180

    My last game purchase was the Orange Box from Valve, I purchased it mainly for access to TF2 but generally speaking as a "value" I have been most impressed by the overall value of the Orange Box with Episodes 1 and 2 or Half life 2 as well as TF2 and portal.
  10. lfrakes2

    lfrakes2 TS Rookie

    That would be Call of Duty - Hells Highway. It is still sitting on my shelf waiting for me to upgrade my graphics card or get a new PC whichever comes first.
  11. TBolt

    TBolt TS Rookie Posts: 65

    Heh...the last game I bought, just a few weeks ago, was through Steam...for 5 bucks...

    Dark Forces

    What a trip. I didn't realize just how ugly that game was :p I originally purchased the game many...many moons ago, lost the disk along the way. Still was kind of fun to play again.
  12. Whiffen

    Whiffen TS Rookie Posts: 235

    The last game I purchased was also Left 4 Dead 2. After 10+ great months of L4D I can't wait for more. Still playing L4D to this day daily with a friend, and its still very fun. Demo has shown some nice improvements on this and after knowing all there is to be had in the sequel I can't wait!
  13. Captain828

    Captain828 TS Guru Posts: 287   +10

    My last purchase was ArmA 2 from Steam.
  14. Clrabbit

    Clrabbit TS Rookie Posts: 90

    Sacred 2

    Best HnS EVER! "if your PC can handle it."

    I've had no good reason to buy any thing sense S2 it's a pretty sweet time sink, and good multi-player. The Sacred series has always improved on every thing Diablo offers.

    My next game buy will be FFXIV and likely the last game I buy for a long time. Unless Capcom gets out of there lazy MegaMan phase and puts out a new Legends game, Or SEGA realizes why PSO rocked and PSU sucks, and decides to make a decent game.

    Wait,... No that's not true I was going to pick up Dragon Age Origins, and check it out, that'll likely be the last game I bother with before FFXIV.
  15. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,657   +1,095

    My last purchase was The Orange Box from Steam. It had a nice price cut and i couldn't resist buying it. Unfortunately I need to wait a bit more before buying newer games because i need a new computer first that is able to play them.
  16. IvanAwfulitch

    IvanAwfulitch TS Booster Posts: 218   +11

    I've actually heard a lot of good things about this game. They changed a variety of things in ways that I thought were pretty neat. Changing panic events to one where you have to reach something to make it stop was one good thing I noted. The arc of the melee weapons was also very nice. Being able to chop several zombies in half with a Katana with a single swing is a very satisfying experience. They even found a way to 1) make a daylight zombie game work and 2) make the hunter's scream even more blood curdling.

    If I can find the money for this game, I'll be buying it for certain. Perhaps a good Christmas idea?
  17. WinXPert

    WinXPert TS Guru Posts: 445

    Last game i bought was FFVIII for the PC.
  18. guyver1

    guyver1 TS Booster Posts: 110

    Killing Floor with all the DLC content.

    Absolutely brilliant game! If L4D is a Hollywood blockbuster, then Killing Floor is the gritty British independent studio horror film that takes the box office by storm. If l4D is 'I am Legend' , then Killing Floor is '28 Days Later'.

    The gameplay is tighter, harder and alot more tactical than L4D, the ironsight gameplay mechanic while off putting at first becomes much more addictive as you play more and draws you into the game to a much deeper level than the typical cross hair fps scenario. It also causes you to panic more when you reload!!

    The sound is fantastic, the speech is just awesome "I'm trying to heal you not shag you!" "50 cal fun time!"

    The gameplay is very different from L4D, with the 'wave' format and trader you basically have 2 choices, fight at the position of your last trader and then run like hell to the next trader location, or try and fight your way to the next trader location during the oncomming wave, neither are bulletproof and splitting up in this game can get you killed..... quickly.

    The boss zombies have a few similarities to some of the L4D bosses, only 2 really stand out, the 'Bloat' (Boomer) and the witch screamer type(cant remember name), the chainsaw guy you really should stay away from unless you have a REALLY powerful gun and some distance!

    I can thoroughly recommend KF if you've played L4D to death and are looking for some alternative zombie action, or if your not too impressed with L4D gameplay and are looking for something grittier and harder and more tactical. Go for Killing Floor.

    I also pre-purchased L4D2 around about the same time.
  19. ET3D

    ET3D TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,377   +168

    The last game I bought was The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, and it was definitely worth is. I remember the original fondly, but the graphics really suck by today's standard. The special edition made it look good, so I got all the nostalgia without the the usual baggage of realising how things looked so much worse back then. Pity the interface is somewhat worse than it was. I think that's part of what killed adventure games -- at least for me it did. The interface just got worse and worse. When Guybrush had to be controlled in 3D and got stuck on some pixels and Monkey Island 4 with no way for me to get him out, that was when I realised I no longer wanted to play these games.

    The game I'm playing now but didn't pay for is D&D Online. It's free to play, and I'm quite enjoying it. Since I dropped to playing maybe an hour or two a week, I don't want to pay for a subscription to an MMO. DDO looks and feels like a AAA game, unlike most free to play games.
  20. gamingmage

    gamingmage TS Rookie Posts: 64

    Modern Warfare 2!!!!! I can't wait until it finally releases and I can play on my new 26" screen!!!! :D
  21. mvb2303

    mvb2303 TS Rookie

    I will stick to Mario and Luigi.... I don't like this shootinggames....
    But he thats me.
  22. kaonis92

    kaonis92 TS Enthusiast Posts: 118

    My most recent game purchase was Resident Evil 5 (for 35 euros via Steam) and I have to say that it's totally worth its pricetag. I'm looking forward the release of L4D2 though!
  23. MBK

    MBK TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Last game I purchased was X3:Terran Conflict on steam. I had just dropped out of my 4th year at Uni (due to medical reasons, am now resitting) and had some time to kill. I got stupidly addicted to this game, the learning curve is immense, but so are the graphics and the universe you are thrust into.

    However, i didn't actually get to experience the great visuals for long as my 2.4GHz dual core, ATI x1950XT and 2Gb RAM just couldn't haul the load this game was piling on. Even with every adjustable setting at its lowest, my computer couldn't take some of the larger battles.

    Regardless of the lag, I muscled on and ended up forgetting about it. From the time I started, sitting in Terran space in my single interceptor to the point where my fleet of destroyers and carriers was devestating the universe I had endless fun.

    I didn't just focus on combat, I purchased massive trade ships who would move from factory to factory within a sector (to begin with) buying and selling goods for profit, eventually, they levelled up to the point where they would journey across the entire universe, buying and selling. These guys, in combination with MY network of factories, meant that I had a good steady income and could construct my own ship components (shields etc).

    I suppose for an average joe, the main problem with the game would be the terrible story line and terrible voice acting. I'm not sure, maybe the story would have been better had I played previous X games, but that's just not good enough imo. Having said that, the game isn't about the story, it's a massive sandbox universe, which is kind of where I think the problem may lie for some. I personally had a guide beside me for the first 3-4 hours of play so I figure out how to do...umm...anything!

    £25 well spent....though I felt pretty peeved when the next weekend Steam put it on deal for £10!
  24. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,958   +216

    Most recent game was Portal, enjoyed it but a bit too short IMO
    Most recent retail game was Crysis Warhead, really liked that one
    I also bought a copy of Deus Ex last year, because a "friend" who borrowed my copy "forgot" to return it (Deus Ex is best game of all time IMO!)

    My next purchase will probably be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
    Oh, I did buy the new expansion to WoW too, but I don't count that as a game, more as an addiction :p
    Thankfully have been WoW free for over 6 months now :)
  25. Ithryl

    Ithryl TS Rookie Posts: 53

    Burnout Paradise - absolutely worth the penny. Right now I'm waiting for preordered Dragon Age CE, can't wait!
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